GOP Helps Make the Case: the Democrats ARE generally a centrist party!

Lenny Curry, Florida state GOP Chair, went to great and exhaustive lengths and twisted himself into deeply woven knots this morning in trying to spin the words of his former leader: former Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

In addressing the Republican and former Governor speaking at the DNC convention today and in his endorsement of the re-election of Barack Obama as president on Chuck Todd’s morning show, Curry attempted to assert that Crist is “dangerous” for he is “a man without a party or a base” and that he is unencumbered, then, “to speak his mind”.  A strange thing to say as it is usually the baggage of party identity and in the currying of loyalty that precludes one from speaking the truth not being liberated from such baggage!

The “truth” was actually and inadvertently exposed by Curry: that save a number of notable members the structure, overall plank, policies in pursuit, and most notably the ideological underpinnings of the Democrats (as a party) is that of a highly centrist, third way centrist, political organization!

Third way centrism is an idea (ideal) that has been around since the mid-20th Century (see definition) and was notably the driving ideological premise of compromise that swept a new breed of center-left politicians into office by way of Britain’s Tony Blair and Bill Clinton in the United States.  Barack Obama has manifestly continued in this tradition being proven by his most noted achievement (the Affordable Care Act) that had its origins in the think tank of the far right-wing Heritage Foundation and being first put into tangible practice by the rhetorically flip-flopping, Republican presidential candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney while governor of Massachusetts.

The fact that Crist’s (former?) party has lurched so radically rightward speaks to his “homelessness” and in suggesting otherwise, Curry simply admits that in having Crist speak the Democrats have indeed, as a party, completely embraced such a third way centrist ideology!

The fact is that if anyone is “homeless,” it is the true left that, given a current set of nonviable Green or Socialist alternative parties in the United States, such a “leftist” either sits out elections, writes in preferred candidates, or holds their nose and votes for the centrist Democrats — something I imagine a lot of moderate Republicans will do this cycle as well.  But in so voting Democratic, the left in particular simply seeks to assert their franchise: not their approval!

So thank you Mr. Curry for in your belabored attempt to minimize your former leader’s endorsement of the president and then marginalize Crist as a man,  you actually helped me to focus my argument and the policy-driven facts:

President Barack Obama has governed as a centrist!

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