Romney's Tax Defense? . . . Race Bait.

Ole Vladmir must be praying and licking his chops at the prospect of a Willard “Mitt” Romney presidency.  The same crystal ball and beads must be working overtime in Beijing and other capitals around the world as the weakness shown by Willard “Mitt” Romney knows no bounds or seemingly has no bottom as he is systematically crafts divisive fissures in the American society in an effort to appease the fear he feels from the fringe right of his party.  The events in Milwaukee three days ago should give all pause in using overt or covert race-baiting.

But no, like a county faire huckster: Romney will say anything to sell you a ticket (er, offer you  distraction).


In his most recent attempt to flim-flam the electorate and distract the bi-partisan media that questions his “tax problem,” Romney has pulled out the “welfare card” (“welfare queen,” historical code and was first employed by Ronald Reagan in his 1976 loss to Gerald Ford) in claiming President Obama seeks to eliminate the work requirement found in the 1996 Welform Reform Act and in so doing, once again, exposes himself as a weak individual of epic proportions, a liar, and has opened himself up to charges of race-baiting in the process.

How many bites at the apple will sane and patriotic Republicans give this man?  I guess that depends on how many are left and for those of you who do exist, you may want to start considering the operationally centrist-moderate (in terms of both foreign and domestic policies) that is President Obama — and this from one, but among many, who feels him to be far too conservative!

The Washington Post recently posted this letter (excerpt below) that shows Romney himself seeking a waiver from “the work requirement”, a request asked of many Republican Governors as well — just look at the list, including a couple on “Mitt’s” VP short list:


Given his troubles in crafting a plausible rationale for not releasing his tax returns, an expectation of all presidential candidates going back to his father in the early 60’s, focus must then turn to the troubled past of his “religion” with issues of race and gender.  Romney would be wise to steer clear of these types of “liberties with the truth” in his political advertisements as they simply draw more attention to his dubious “belief system”: what it is and what it has taught him.

Perhaps scarier . . . how that system might be instructing him in his decision making process.

And then there was this tidbit from Italy as reported by Bloomberg a couple of days ago, a story that has a “Mitt”-led Bain Capital skipping Italy while dodging taxes.  Might this be why Italy was not on Romney’s debacle of a tour?

Willard “Mitt” Romney has proven himself to be a serial panderer, time and again.  Willard “Mitt” Romeny has no convictions beyond his warped sense of entitlement.  Like Donald Trump (apparently an unofficial spokesman to the loons) Willard “Mitt” Romney is a carnival barker.  Sorry, but in my opinion . . .  Willard “Mitt” Romney is simply a fraud and if elected would do great harm to this country internally and would project weakness abroad.

Resource: Utah Lighthouse Ministry

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