Romney Takes 'Offensive Tour' To Middle East

Trying to reset the debacle known as his trip to London, Romney headed to Israel for what was in all-intents-and-purposes a photo op fundraiser.

But in so doing, as he placated and lauded platitudes, he managed in the same trip to continue  with what he started in London: to offend the majority population in the region.  And he did so in what could be seen as in a racist tenor here too!  Is it the man, his “belief” system, or what but whatever it is he has a knack for offending the very majorities that are “inheriting” (reclaiming after centuries of colonial affect) much of the earth and the same majority of people that we will need if we ever hope to secure any semblance of peace around the world (a concept applicable in our own country too!).

Hey, I can dream!

I find it hard to believe that his perspective, chock-full-of hostility to the region’s majority, will make it easier to reduce our military presence at a time when we simply can’t afford what we are currently doing — or an expansion thereof.  Ron Paul supporters, can I get an “amen”!

Is this why Newsweek is calling him a “wimp” on this week’s cover?  As was suggested before: Republicans, you need a new candidate!

Full story at the Guardian.


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    Romney just a little too spot on for the press huh?

  • In reply to Tish White:

    A little too full of spots (holes in his intellect, arguments, and rhetorical skills) . . . like some disease.

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