Dr. Jill Stein Takes Green Party Prezy Nod: now what?

Dr. Jill Stein, a Massachusetts internist who in 2002 was widely seen as besting Willard “Mitt” Romney in their one and only debate showdown before Romney went on to become Massachusetts’ Governor, on Saturday easily won the Green Party of the United States’ nomination for President of the United States.

In so becoming the first official national candidate in the 2012 presidential election cycle, Dr. Stein acknowledged her long-shot bid noting that while she is “in it to win it” she is equally interested in putting the two corporate parties on notice that there is momentum building and sees her candidacy in terms more of a “future tense” effort for the Party.   She has already achieved a bit of a milestone for the Greens; she is leading a Green Party which has qualified for federal matching funds for the first time in its 11-year history.

With this year’s demarcation as the first year where non-white Americans gave birth to more babies than their fellow “whites,” and with all demographic and census data predicting a “majority minority” America by 2035, she is on firm rhetorical ground in predicting the potential for seismic “realignment” in the American electorate.

Until then, the disenchanted and other activists on America’s genuine left (an existential  entity that the MSM likes to try and lump in with the Democratic Party) who feel that “big things” are needed in this country — to jump start and expand not just the size of our economy but more importantly access to it as well as myriad other issues — will largely vote for Dr. Stein as protest, leaving the battle for the Presidency to the “operationally in governance” moderate/centrist Democratic President Barack Obama to contend with Willard Romney; the leader of what now can only be called the “Conservative Party” even as traditional Republicans like money bundler Karl Rove, pundit George Will, Republican pollster Ed Rollins, and others note their Party’s shrinking constituency in part due to its “conservative” takeover and to policy positions which are directed toward a dwindling socio-demographic constituency.

All the best Dr. Stein.  America deserves more democratic parties and more democratic opinions like yours to span the totality of and give more voice to the diversity of the American electorate!

*** Jill Stein for President: official website.

*** post excerpts from USA Today coverage of the Green Party USA’s convention can be found here.

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