Another Blow to 'Conservative' Propaganda As Koch-Funded Study Backfires!

Even the casual observer of the American socio-political, macro and micro cultures can take from the landslide and record election of Barack Obama a fear and disquiet amongst the American white, male elite.  This anxiety of a demographically changing American society (and eventually changed electorate) can be found manifest in underwriters of the elite like billionaire Sheldon Adelson and through a number of elite collectivist-activist organizations like ALEC, the “Club for Growth,” “FreedomWorks,” as well as the nation’s largest union the US Chamber of Commerce.

But for all the fear mongering and “riling up” of white male anxiety (disclosure: I am a white male) and the motivating of the white male middle-class to often dress in colonial Halloween regalia, perhaps no group has done more to secure its vested self-interest than the Koch Brothers.  It should come, then, as no surprise to the educated citizen that in a Koch-funded study on climate change the results were as expected, and to the duped middle-class believers of “conservative” propaganda a bombshell: the earth is round!

More specifically: Koch-Funded Study Finds ‘Global Warming Is Real’, ‘On The High End’ And ‘Essentially All’ Due To Carbon Pollution.

Read the article, it is eye-popping!


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  • Hilarious!

    The evil Koch Brothers are bitch-slapped by their own "study" . . .

    Just what is the point here anyway?

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  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    The point is why 21st Century, American, middle-class white males see it necessary (or desirous) to play vassal serf in their lord's bidding and continually help to enable their neo-feudal aspirations -- ironically to the detriment of the enablers.

    It can't be religious identity as (the leader of the lollipop guild and inspiration to the likes of Paul Ryan) Ayn Rand was a devout atheist as is current bombshell conservative commentor SE Cupp, and many other econo-political conservative "bigwigs" take a "blah" pass on those concerns of "the right".

    You could make a valuable contribution if you would answer that question as this is one that really matters, might be interesting, and of which many are curious.

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