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Romney/Ryan "Austerity": A Blueprint to Compete With the Developing World

The news out of Europe yesterday vis-a-vis “austerity” or the reduction in governmental spending should send shivers down the spines of America’s middle and lower classes.  In the Netherlands, there has been a call for early elections and in the United Kingdom riots erupted as Britain posted its second straight quarter of negative growth, denoting a double-dip... Read more »

UK "Austerity" Has Ushered In a "Double-Dip." Will Republicans Bring the Same to US?

The UK economy has returned to recession, after shrinking by 0.2% in the first three months of 2012.  A Willard “Mitt” Romney/Paul Ryan budget has been forecast by many leading economists  to bring the same regression to the United States.  Full story . . .

Let's Drop The Pretense: America Was FOUNDED As a Class-Based Enterprise

In reviewing some of the mail I have received over the last month or so it is very clear (and sadly so): both the far right and the far left argue as they either skipped or failed 8th grade civics — faux historians!  Let us look at some of the more important inconvenient facts that keeps American political... Read more »

How Living In A Red State Turned Me . . . Green?

This will be a fun essay, one born of pure experience and personal observation.  Before I begin I must offer a disclaimer that this essay is only for those possessing a decent education in that I will be reflecting on my transformation from a moderate Democrat who supported Obama in 2008 to a Green Socialist... Read more »

Class Warfare . . . Romney Style

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While he seems to believe that “stay at home motherhood” is hard and noble work for millionaire women, he has been shown to have an opposite view of it for those not so fortunate (story).

Rmoney's (Romney) Newest Dog Debacle

. . . and just in time for his wife’s birthday: story at Politicker.

Ayn Rand; Leader of the Lollipop Guild

Enough already with Ayn Rand! Yes, we get it Paul Ryan and others like Illinois’ own Joe Walsh who have made mythical this wannabe (and in her day marginal) writer.  We get that you want to resurrect her longing for the feudal, aristocratic [Eurocentric] order from whence she was born into and the one I wrote about earlier... Read more »

Obama (center), Romney (right) . . . and Now Dr. Jill Stein (for "the rest") . . . ?

Dr. Jill Stein, presumptive presidential nominee for the Green Party of America 2012, has today announced on her website that she has accepted Willard “Mitt” Romney’s offer for a “rematch” debate.  The two last met in debate during the 2002 Massachussetts Gubenatorial campaign where many pundits found her besting the eventual election winner.