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"Renounce and Repudiate": Will Republicans Hold Romney to Obama Standard?

Given deafening Republican silence during the national period of anxious disquiet regarding police and state response to the murder of  Trayvon Martin, an unease due in part to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law signed by Romney supporter former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (and an equal silence from the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Willard “Mitt” Romney), a surveyed reflection of the Republicans and their presumptive standard bearer... Read more »

On "Bumper Sticker 'Patriotism'"

This is an extract of a recent reply to a post.  I thought it merited its own!    🙂 . . . . we undoubtedly both see ourselves as “patriots” though all too often it seems there are certain types who use the term with a limiting, antiseptic-like application; in a manner that seems to... Read more »

In Light of Trayvon: Do 2nd Amendment Advocates Negate "Founding Fathers'" Intent?

Amendment II A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Either the founders were misguided, inept, and shortsighted and needed to be “set straight” by latter-day activist jurists, or they were brilliant visionaries who have been egregiously, criminally, and traitorously misinterpreted. ... Read more »

The United States of Oz

Let me begin this assessment by prefacing that I am not an economist, an economic historian, political historian or the like.  I am, however, by academic training and lifelong practice, a social scientist with an advanced degree in sociology (social psychology) and am taking more of a survey of issues at play in contemporary American discourse... Read more »

Joe Walsh Bucks Republican Orthodoxy? Increased Federal Power or Simply Voter Supression?

Fascinating news today that fringe Republican Congressman Joe Walsh (IL 8th) last month actually argued in favor of national identification at a town hall event, bucking a long-standing Republican orthodoxy against national identification (including national drivers’ licensing). Is this simply a radical, election year shift from traditional Republican “state’s rights” rhetoric or is he simply seeking to codify current Republican attempts... Read more »

Mitt Romney: the REAL Slim Shady? . . .

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A good laugh for the day . . . courtesy of Hugh Atkin.

Fox News "Fair and Balanced"? Ha . . . PERHAPS when put up against The Wordshed!

** I am reposting a reply to a previous post I made in regards to Chris Matthews as it deviated into the media in general and Fox “News” in specific. ** The only thing “Fair and Balanced” about FOX “News” is their marketing effort to insist that they are fair and balanced. I see no... Read more »

Has Chris Matthews Jumped the Shark?

There was a time when I respected and looked to Chris Matthews (the Sunday ”Show” and “Hardball”) for decisive and insightful commentary — those days are gone.  Be it his seemingly strange draw (attraction?) to the right-wing, media-loving nutjob Sarah Palin or his collegial and respectful but still slightly condescending attitude toward Senator Bernie Sanders in my opinion, this once... Read more »

A Thought for the Green Party

The Illinois Greens just finished their convention.  A lingering question came up about why the “Green Party” is doing better in say New Zealand and Germany.  I thought that I would share this thought: In my opinion, parties/organizations on “the left” have had an easier time in Europe and Eurocentric countries because they never made... Read more »

The Resurgance of the Lunatic Right; blame it on Idol, Perry, and Beiber.

In trying to make sense of the “conservative resurgence” of late – beyond the demographically driven, sociocultural change underway in the US, beyond the fear of the first non-fully-”White” President, beyond the death spasms related to the “last days of Archie Bunkerism” — I can’t help but to also find fault in today’s “youth culture” . .... Read more »