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Michigan Avenue Mob Escalation

A large group of teenagers descend on downtown Chicago on a warm weekend evening, causing havoc for about an hour. A few people are pushed and shoved, traffic is disrupted and a few misdemeanor crimes take place. City residents shrug it off as just another “wilding” or “flash mob.” Tourists are significantly more alarmed and... Read more »

Scorecard of the 2012 Presidential Election

All the votes have not yet been counted and certified from the 2012 Presidential campaign. However, we know who the winner is and the post-election analysis is nearly complete. Before we all forget the election ever took place, I want to make sure we dive into some data to learn a few political lessons from... Read more »

Election Day Storylines

People love voting for President. It is the one campaign that every voter in America gets to weigh in on. However, all politics is still local. With that memorable phrase in mind, I take a moment to look at the other story lines worth watching on Tuesday night: 1) The U.S. House of Representatives Most politicos agree... Read more »

What the Sept. Jobs Report Says

Key statistics you need to know: 12.1 million people are officially unemployed. 7.8% of the civilian work force (defined as anyone over the age of 16 who is working or seeking work, does not serve in the military and is not in prison) is unemployed. 6.7 million people have given up actively seeking employment, but... Read more »

Romney's 47% Remark Correct, Sort Of

Mitt Romney is correct in asserting that about 47% of voters in the United States will never vote for him under any condition. They are committed Obama supporters. This is an accurate political analysis of the 2012 race for President. Romney further asserts truth in stating that most of those 47% are dependent on federal... Read more »

10 Things to Listen for in Obama's DNC Address

Last week I gave you 10 things to look for in Mitt Romney’s speech to the RNC. I gave his speech a “B” and I think he accomplished enough to stay competitive in the race. Tonight, President Obama has a golden opportunity. With little else on prime time TV tonight, he will have the undivided... Read more »

Review of Romney's RNC Speech

Mitt Romney’s nomination acceptance speech was effective and good enough to get voters to give him a closer look; but, it was far from great. Critical lines sure to stick with voters include: “I wish President Obama had succeeded because I want America to succeed. But his promises gave way to disappointment and division. This... Read more »

Chicago Young Republicans Parody "Call Me Maybe"

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“Call Me Maybe” AKA “The CYRs Are Calling, Baby” Lyrics: I cast my vote in the booth, Hoping and praying for truth But Obama took it all And now he’s in my way I’d trade my soul for a job, Pennies and dimes all I got I never asked for all this And now he’s... Read more »

GOP Should Heed Obama's Warning

The Chicago Young Republicans cordially invite you to our 2012 Deserve Victory Summer Bash at 6pm on August 24th at the LaSalle Power Company, 500 N. LaSalle Drive in Chicago. The event is free so bring a friend or three! — “You’re not considered one of the battleground states although that’s going to be changing... Read more »

Supreme Court Obamacare dissenters nailed it

How could you do it, Johnny!? Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts went out of his way and against common sense judicial logic to side with liberal-minded justices in upholding the insurance mandate portion of Obamacare. The Chief Justice spent several pages in his written decision explaining in great detail how the mandate violates the... Read more »