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5 Reasons for 20-Somethings to Vote for Bruce Rauner

Whichever side of the partisan divide you stand on, I think there is broad consensus in Illinois that Gov. Pat Quinn has been a bad leader and should not get another term. We all know the case against Quinn because we have lived through the consequences of his inept leadership: Minimal job growth Despite raising... Read more »

State Election Matters More Than Federal This Year

States across the country have recognized the paralysis in Washington, D.C. and decided to take action on their own. Both Democratic and Republican controlled state legislatures and chief executives are taking action on fiscal and economic matters under their control, setting off a competition among the states to create the most desirable place to live,... Read more »

A rebuttal on the Dave McKinney issue

Dave McKinney, the now former Chicago Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief, is married to a very talented Democratic media strategist, Ann Liston. She is a superstar in the political media strategy community having been a key figure in crafting a media strategy for President Obama in 2012 that not only cast Mitt Romney as anti-women and... Read more »

A Vote for Grimm is a Vote for Quinn. Choose Rauner for Reform.

A new poll released this weekend not only shows that Pat Quinn has a lead in the race for Illinois governor but also that the Libertarian Party candidate is earning 7% of the statewide vote, more than enough to block Bruce Rauner’s path to victory. The Libertarian Party candidate, Chad Grimm, is the only third... Read more »