Reminder to Local Media

According to Chicago police sources, 6-month-old Jonylah Watkin was likely killed by a gang member. Police sources also told that her father is member of the Gangster Disciples criminal street gang and has an extensive criminal record.

It is clear that a gang rivalry sparked this outrageous shooting.

Yet, hardly any mainstream local media outlets are reporting on the specific gang affiliation of either the shooter or the victim’s father, who was the intended target.

I wrote this several months ago and I will reiterate it again. Media outlets that don’t report the specific name of a gang when their member is responsible for a crime of this level, are accessories to the cover up and complicit with the murder. Media protects the name and brand of a gang when they refuse to print it or talk about it in relation to vicious murders.

When this shooter is found and charged, the lead sentence for every news outlet in the country should include his name, age and gang affiliation.

Since he has been at large this long, it is clear that his gang, or a faction of it, are protecting him. Everyone in Chicago and across the country deserves to know the name of the gang who endorses the killing of infants and who provides aide and comfort to baby-killers.

Likewise, the father has a gang affiliation and his previous active involvement in the criminal underworld exposed his family to brutal retaliatory violence.

The public deserves to know he is a Gangster Disciple and that his affiliation with that gang nearly cost him his life and did cost his daughter hers.

Once the names of the gangs are made public, it is up to us to keep pressure on the police and politicians to make life extremely difficult for the gang. It is also up to us to ridicule and delegitimize gang culture.

Media has a humble responsibility to report the whole story. Intentionally leaving out critical details is negligent and irresponsible if not unethical.

Can you image if the national media would have  reported that Obama Bin Laden was mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, but then chose not to report that he was the leader of a group called Al-Qeada? Or if media had reported on the gulf oil spill, but not reported that BP owned the rig that blew up?

We do not yet have the identity of the shooter or his affiliation. However since we know the location of the shooting, the former residence of the victims and the victims gang affiliation, we can narrow the list.

Gangs and affiliations are so fractured that it is getting harder to pin down someone’s official affiliation. Here are the gangs that the shooter is most likely affiliated with, considering the victims past locations, current residence and location of the shooting:

  • A rival Gangster Disciple faction
  • The Mickey Cobras
  • 4 Corner Hustlers
  • Black P Stones
  • A faction of the Black Disciples
  • Conservative Vice Lords
  • New Breeds

All of the above are groups of dead-end youth. However, one of them counts a baby-killer among their ranks and they are protecting him.

We will find out soon who the biggest loser above is.

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