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The Day After Gay Marriage is Nationally Recognized

Gay marriage will be a federally protected institution and a guaranteed right in America within my lifetime. Anyone under the age of 30 can make the same statement with certainty. I will not be so daring as to predict exactly what year this will be a reality, but I invite you to place your bets.... Read more »

CTU to Blame for CPS School Closings

The Chicago Teachers Union is directly responsible for the closing of about 50 Chicago elementary schools announced today. When the CTU handily defeated Mayor Emanuel and his negotiators in September, they protected their member’s from the CPS fiscal squeeze at the expense of the schools themselves and the families who attend them. CTU negotiators knew... Read more »

Reminder to Local Media

According to Chicago police sources, 6-month-old Jonylah Watkin was likely killed by a gang member. Police sources also told that her father is member of the Gangster Disciples criminal street gang and has an extensive criminal record. It is clear that a gang rivalry sparked this outrageous shooting. Yet, hardly any mainstream local media... Read more »

Shameful Media Presentation of Paul McKinley

If you have a criminal record, but have served your time and paid your debt to society, should your felony conviction forever define you? In a nation that celebrates redemption, underdogs and second chances; almost anyone can live a productive, fulfilling life after a personal failure. However, employers and the public are slow to extend... Read more »