You Missed the Biggest Story of the 2012 Election

Democrats now have unrestricted power in the State of Illinois.

Going into last night, Illinois’s governor was already a Democrat. So was our Lt. Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General.

The Democratic Party also had a 35 – 24 majority in the IL State Senate and a 64 – 54 majority in the IL State House of Representatives.

Those numbers changed dramatically last night.

Democrats now have a veto-proof super majority in the State Senate (40 – 19) after picking up 5 seats from Republicans. They only needed 1 to get the super-majority and they blew it out of the water.

Even more damaging is the veto-proof super-majority Democrats now have in the Illinois State House of Representatives. If the count holds at 71 – 47 (a +7 Democratic pick up), Speaker of the House and chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party, Michael Madigan will further entrench his position as the most influential, powerful politician in Illinois history.

There is a race in the 79th State House District in which Democrat Kate Cloonen leads Republican Glenn Nixon by 148 votes with 100% of the precincts reporting. It is unlikely that absentee or provisional ballots will make up the difference, but it it does, perhaps it will prevent Madigan from possessing his coveted super majority.

However, with super majorities in both houses in Springfield and a Democratic governor, there is nothing stopping Illinois Democrats from launching an aggressive legislative agenda aimed at raising taxes across the board on Illinois residents to pay for temporary borrowing measures that will placate the state unions. Anti-business regulations are sure to get passed and Democrats now have a blank check to run up as large a debt as humanly possible in the next two years to pay off their political allies.

If you think the corruption scandals in Illinois were whoopers before, wait until you see the things that will come from the next 2 years.

State laws have a major impact on your life. Springfield currently issues a 5% tax on all your income and adds a 6.25% sales tax to most of your purchases. Those numbers will go up.

The State’s business tax rate is 9.5% compared to 8.5% in Indiana, 7.9% in Wisconsin, 6.25% in Missouri, 6% in Michigan, 6% for small business in Iowa and 4 – 6% in Kentucky. And those are just are near neighbors. The corporate rate is also lower in New York, Florida and even California. Texas has no corporate income taxes. With the new Democratic stranglehold, Illinois’ competitive disadvantage will grow worse and our unemployment will likely rise.

Since Springfield is virtually broke, the burden of more costs will shift to localities who are also broke. Expect major property tax increases statewide over the coming two years.

Strict environmental regulations from DC on top of those the new General Assembly is apt to pass with make Illinois’ coal industry and its 4,500 jobs virtually disappear.

Agriculture will also get hit with new taxes and regulations making corn and soy bean producers suffer across the state.

College tuition at state universities will soar as state lawmakers look to them to make up deficits in their own budget,

State run prisons and courts will continue to build up log jams of cases and some people will probably be released from prison due to excessive overcrowding.

Bottom line: If you think the state was bad before, it is about to get a whole lot worse and that is the real story of last night.


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  • Hey, Republican Party, that's what happens when you let yourself get hijacked by a bunch of Tea Partiers and Rape Baby Enthusiasts -- no sensible person trusts you.

  • I'm afraid that on Chicagonow what you consider to be disaster, most consider to be progressive and good.

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