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Republican candidates running in Chicago

Early voting in Chicago starts today! Click here to find your early voting location: Click here if you would like to see your sample ballot: — You know Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are on your ballot as Republican candidates for President and Vice President. But, do you know there are dozens of... Read more »

Obama/CIA Expects Us to Trust Them on Iran?

The United States intelligence services have assure the American people and the governments of the Middle East that they will know if and when Iran reaches the final stage of development toward a nuclear weapon. Why should I believe that? U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others were killed in a terrorist attack that US... Read more »

Obama v. Romney Debate #2 Review

A more aggressive President Obama came out swinging against Governor Romney last night at Hofstra University in a town hall debate. Yesterday I previewed 10 things to watch for. Here are the results of those 10 items  1) Obama’s aggressiveness Check the box on this one. The President came out with daggers in his eyes... Read more »

Top 10 Things to Watch For in the Presidential Town Hall Debate

President Obama and Governor Romney go at it again tonight at Hofstra University in a town hall debate. Here are the Top 10 things to watch for in the debate:  1) Obama’s aggressiveness Joe Biden went over board with his unprofessional smirks and chuckles during last week’s VP debate. Don’t expect the same from the... Read more »

What the Sept. Jobs Report Says

Key statistics you need to know: 12.1 million people are officially unemployed. 7.8% of the civilian work force (defined as anyone over the age of 16 who is working or seeking work, does not serve in the military and is not in prison) is unemployed. 6.7 million people have given up actively seeking employment, but... Read more »

10 things to watch for in 1st Presidential Debate

President Obama will square off against Republican presidential nominee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in a domestic policy debate tonight. This is the first of 3 debates between the two and likely the one that will be most watched. Each man has something to accomplish out of these debates. President Obama gets a chance... Read more »

Chicago Inspector General Recommendations

Joseph Ferguson doesn’t mind being an unpopular guy. If you are the Inspector General for the corruption capital of North America, you have to expect that friends won’t come easy. Since Joe is already Mr. Unpopular, he is the perfect scribe for the budget report released last week that lists several controversial recommendations to reigning... Read more »