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Romney's 47% Remark Correct, Sort Of

Mitt Romney is correct in asserting that about 47% of voters in the United States will never vote for him under any condition. They are committed Obama supporters. This is an accurate political analysis of the 2012 race for President. Romney further asserts truth in stating that most of those 47% are dependent on federal... Read more »

CTU's Fantasy Plan

A commenter on a previous post pointed out to me that the Chicago Teachers Union released a document in February 2012 listing their plan for improving Chicago Public Schools. Since I was the one who lambasted the CTU for not releasing a plan of their own, I was very curious to read the contents of... Read more »

Reaction to CTU Strike

The Chicago Teachers Union turned their backs on Chicago area students today. It is not a big surprise. We all know the CTU leadership values their pocketbooks more than their profession. Chicago is nationally known for it’s underachieving public schools, so hearing about a teachers strike will draw little more than a shrug across the... Read more »

Review of Obama's DNC Speech

President Obama inexplicably missed a wide open opportunity to break open the election race last night. With another poor jobs report coming out this morning, it was imperative that his speech be overwhelmingly good to help blunt the impact on voters. The speech was average and the jobs report was worse than expected. Not a... Read more »

10 Things to Listen for in Obama's DNC Address

Last week I gave you 10 things to look for in Mitt Romney’s speech to the RNC. I gave his speech a “B” and I think he accomplished enough to stay competitive in the race. Tonight, President Obama has a golden opportunity. With little else on prime time TV tonight, he will have the undivided... Read more »

A Response to a CTU Teacher

This is a response to a fellow Chicago Now blogger Ray Salazar’s recent post on his blog “The White Rhino: A Chicago Latino English Teacher.” The post can be read in it’s entirety here I want start by thanking Mr. Salazar for his nearly 17 years in CPS classrooms. On behalf of all young Republicans,... Read more »