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Review of Romney's RNC Speech

Mitt Romney’s nomination acceptance speech was effective and good enough to get voters to give him a closer look; but, it was far from great. Critical lines sure to stick with voters include: “I wish President Obama had succeeded because I want America to succeed. But his promises gave way to disappointment and division. This... Read more »

A Preview of Romney's Big Speech

Tonight, Mitt Romney makes his first nationally televised prime time speech to accept the Republican presidential nomination. It will be watched by millions (though not as many as normal thanks to some pre-season football games). No matter the size of the audience, it will be Romney’s formal audition for the role of President of the... Read more »

Crains/Ipsos: Obama 55%, Romney 29% in Illinois; An Analysis

Crains/Ipsos released a poll showing the President with a wide lead in Illinois, as expected. 600 voting age Illinois residents were polled by Crains/Ipsos and the results were about what you would expect. President Obama is the top choice with 55%, Romney with 29% and 16% saying they are either undecided or do not plan... Read more »

Republican Convention Preview

The Republican National Convention has been delayed by a day due to Tropical Storm Isaac; but, once it gets under way, there will be a lot at stake. Republican delegates, elected officials and volunteers from across the country will spend the next few days collaborating in Tampa, whipping up support for GOP candidates across the... Read more »

Chicago Young Republicans Parody "Call Me Maybe"

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“Call Me Maybe” AKA “The CYRs Are Calling, Baby” Lyrics: I cast my vote in the booth, Hoping and praying for truth But Obama took it all And now he’s in my way I’d trade my soul for a job, Pennies and dimes all I got I never asked for all this And now he’s... Read more »

Romney/Ryan Reshapes Race

The Romney campaign’s plan for beating President Obama in November seemed simple enough: define Obama’s presidency as a failure, avoid any specific plans and hope that either Obama makes a huge mistake or that voters conclude they must fire the President so they can try someone else to kick start the economy. It was an... Read more »

A Republican's View of the Olympics

I love the Olympics, both as an American and as a Republican. Like any Republican, I look for any excuse to cheer for the U.S.A. whether we are competing for economic supremacy or gold medals. Wherever someone is representing the United States in competition against another nation, I am cheering them on. Part of the... Read more »

Chicago's Slow Burning Financial Crisis

Give Mayor Emanuel some credit. He did more in one year to improve Chicago’s city budget position than former mayor Richard Daley did in the previous decade and a half. However, all Emanuel’s tax/fee increases, layoffs and reorganizations of city departments have still left the city with a $369 million deficit in the 2013 budget.... Read more »