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IL GOP Officials Block Reform

Illinois’s elected Democrat leaders are the road block to reform 99% of the time. Today is the 1% of the time the GOP is falling over its own feet to block reform. State leaders are expected to enact limited pension reform in the next 48 hours that will curb the cost-of-living increases for many state... Read more »

Memorial Day 2012 and the CPD

Memorial Day is a solemn day of remembrance to honor the brave souls who lost their lives while defending our nation. In the past decade, these days have been even more emotional because of the number of American warriors losing their lives in active combat zones around the world. According to a February 2012 U.S.... Read more »

Chicago's NATO Protest Fizzle

Apparently, there are not many people who oppose the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or the war in Afghanistan. Chicago police estimate that there were less than 2,500 protesters at the largest march on Sunday. Organizers say it was double that number. Even if we give the protest organizers the benefit of the doubt and say... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel's First Year

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is wrapping up his first full year as Chicago mayor having accomplished more in one year than his predecessor had in the previous ten. While the mayor has accomplished a seemingly endless list of quality of life improvements and put the city on a better path for the future, the defining challenges... Read more »