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Chicago Infrastructure Bank Ordinance

The Chicago City Council should approve the Chicago Infrastructure Bank Ordinance during Wednesday’s City Council meeting. It is a sensible and innovative proposal that will allow the city to tap into private sector investment on a large scale to fund new infrastructure projects that will be critical to the long term viability of commerce in... Read more »

Chicago Public School Teacher Compensation

In this second installment of my blog series on public education in Chicago leading up to the contract negotiations between the city and the Chicago Teachers Union, I will examine the current compensation system for teachers. In the first post in this series I compared the performance of Chicago Public Schools to other large Illinois school districts.... Read more »

Obama v. Romney for U.S. President

Here is a preview of the upcoming campaign for president between the current President and his opposition challenger: This will be the dirtiest campaign of your lifetime. The campaigns of these two candidates will spend an enormous amount of time ripping each other to shreds in the media and the third party Super PACs and... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools By The Numbers

The Chicago Teachers Union wants you to know they have the votes necessary to keep your children out of their classrooms. As the Chicago Tribune reported last week, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) took a preliminary poll of its membership across the city and believe they have the necessary 75% majority to call a strike if their... Read more »

Topinka Throws Open the Doors of Transparency

The state of Illinois has failed to fulfill 205,298 vouchers for services and owes $5,903,334,447.05  to a variety of vendors as of today. As of March 2012, the three major bond rating agencies listed Illinois with following rating: Moody’s: A2 (6 ratings below AAA) Fitch: A (6 ratings below AAA) S&P: A+ (5 ratings below... Read more »