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2012 Illinois GOP Primary Results Recap

Mitt Romney won the lion’s share of the delegates at stake in the Illinois Republican primary and solidly defeated Rick Santorum in a major midwestern state for the first time. That is the headline from a whirlwind day of primaries around the state. Here is a quick look at how Romney did it. I told... Read more »

The Illinois Primary: A CYR Guide

Republican voters across the state of Illinois are heading to the polls today to cast their ballots in the Illinois Primary. It is the first time in a long time that the Illinois Presidential Primary matters. Mitt Romney is the odds on favorite to win tonight, both in delegates and in the popular vote. Illinois... Read more »

Revisiting the 2010 Governor's Race

Illinois Republicans still have not gotten over the 2010 Gubernatorial race. Pat Quinn defeated Bill Brady by 1.5%, or about 32,000 votes, to win a four year term as Illinois governor in an election season that swept Mark Kirk, Dan Rutherford, Judy Barr Topinka and several new Republican Congressman into office. Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan all elected Republican... Read more »

The Politics of the Word "Slut"

Don’t ever publicly call a woman a slut. I thought every man in America knew that rule. I certainly did. It is one of a variety of words or phrases that people should refrain from using in public discourse when addressing women. Rush Limbaugh’s over-the-top rhetoric once again landed him in hot water as he... Read more »

What to Watch for on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday will not be the end all, be all in the 2012 Republican Primary, but it is a huge day for building or stopping momentum. Ten states are voting in primaries and caucuses from coast to coast. 410 delegates are on the line and with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney entering the night with... Read more »