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Mourning the loss of my curls, my glorious curls

Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you got til it’s gone – Joni Mitchell For the first 35 or so years of my life, my naturally curly, frizzy hair was the bane of my existence. It wasn’t until I learned to use the right products and read a life-changing book that I... Read more »

Some rare good news out of D.C. that got lost in all the craziness

There was a story that came out early last week that got buried and lost amid the avalanche of negativity coming out of Washington, one that bodes well for American consumers and has been a long time coming. Congress passed and President Trump signed a bipartisan law that will protect patients from unexpected bills from... Read more »

Support your local businesses: Wear a mask

            In the pro-mask versus anti-mask war, I stand somewhere in the middle. In late March, when almost no one was wearing a mask in public, I went out a couple times wearing one and got funny looks from other shoppers, who assumed I must be sick. Now you’re likely... Read more »

An open letter to hoarding shoppers

This isn’t funny anymore. At first it was mildly amusing, in the beginning when it spawned toilet-paper shortage jokes. But this is more than a month in now, and it needs to stop. I’m pissed, and I’m going to use curse words in this column—apologies to the sensitive. This behavior is getting serious and dangerous.... Read more »

Have you thought to disinfect all these things?

At this point, if you’re not slathering your doorknobs, refrigerator door handles, toilet levers, keyboards, remotes and phone screens with oceans of disinfectant (if you can even find some), you probably won’t take my or anyone else’s advice. But I’m continually discovering places and things we touch all the time that never occurred to me... Read more »

When nursing home residents get frisky

There was an interesting recent case before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals involving the sexual activities of elder nursing home residents. Illinois-based Neighbors Rehabilitation Center LLC, a recipient of Medicare funds, was fined a whopping $84,000 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for what CMS said was its failure to sufficiently investigate... Read more »