Exactly who is the prince that is trapped, Harry?

The blowback from the notorious Prince Harry & Meghan Markle interview focused so much on her and on royal family racism allegations that it overlooked some pretty shocking things that came out of the mouth of erstwhile royal Golden Boy Harry.

Chief among these was describing his father, Prince Charles, and older brother, Prince William, both heirs to the British throne, as “trapped” inside their royal existence. Set aside the obnoxiousness and presumptuousness of characterizing another individual as trapped–in front of the whole world, let alone privately. Maybe they don’t feel trapped, and if they do, it’s not Harry’s place to say it.

One of Harry’s more absurd claims was that he, also, was trapped his whole life, he just didn’t realize it until his noble and martyred wife opened his eyes to it. Gee Harry, I can only speak for myself, but you sure didn’t look “trapped” to any casual observer all those years. You looked like you were having the time of your life. You were the footloose and fancy-free prince clubbing and playing strip-pool in Vegas.

Harry, you won the world’s heart after losing your mother to a violent fate at the tender age of twelve, and rightfully so. But you’ve just about played out the sympathy card. At 36, it’s time to grow up. There are millions of other people who lost one or both parents at a young age, but unlike you, they also had to work hard for a living.

Yes you did a stint in the British military, and one could argue that the public duties of a royal prince and living your life in the glare of the spotlight is a form of work in itself. But you never had to worry about where your next meal was coming from or how you would provide for your family. You’ve been waited on hand and foot since birth. And now you have the gall to tell us you were “trapped” the whole time?

In fact, to this observer, you didn’t appear trapped at all until you hooked up with Meghan. Now you’re whiny and entitled and ungrateful. You made a conscious choice to leave royal life and duty behind, but you’re indignant that your family “cut you off” from the gravy train and your loving dad stopped taking your calls, after they had tried best they could to work with and around you and your whims.

You’re outraged that you chose to “step back” but couldn’t continue to live in palaces and have a taxpayer-funded security contingent and private aircraft. Well what did you expect? You never realized, you claim, that your unearned privilege came with strings attached?

Talk about wanting to have your cake and eat it too.

And then you wonder why your father and brother, whom you’ve publicly trashed and alienated, keep you at arms-length? No Harry, it’s not being trapped. It’s called having a sense of duty and class. The queen has it, Charles has it, William and Kate have it. You and Meghan don’t. They never publicly complain, though they may have good reason to. And none of them, especially your grandmother, deserves the way they have been maligned by you pair of ingrates.

You have lobbed against them—without producing a shred of evidence—charges of overt racism, just about the worst charge that could be lobbed against anyone, leaving them helpless to defend themselves. You seem hell-bent on destroying the very institution that not only produced and nurtured you, but indulged, defended and humored you through your various struggles and rebellious stages. The Nazi costume ring a bell? That was a real beauty. (And you have the nerve to accuse them of racism.)


My guess is the Windsors are probably the least racist Caucasian family in Great Britain. Just by virtue of the kinds of lives they live, the places they go and people they meet and work with. Prince Charles for forty years has been benefactor of the Prince’s Trust charity for disadvantaged British youth. Princess Anne worked with Save the Children.

How dare you.

What I saw in Sunday night’s Oprah travesty was a man trapped. Trapped by his own vanity, trapped by his wife’s petty grudges and melodramas. It was in your body language and written all over your face. Your tension and unhappiness were laid bare for the world to see. I saw someone who has painted himself into a corner that it will be holy hell to escape from. And I can’t have been the only one.

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