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No Green in These Genes: When your family tree reveals you’re not Irish after all

Growing up, I was told I was Scottish, French Canadian, and one-quarter Irish on my father’s side. My dad’s mother, Thelma O’Dell, came from good Irish stock in County Cork, the story went. I never knew her; she died of tuberculosis at 36 and was for me a figure shrouded in mystique. I had even... Read more »

Tarantino's Manson movie invites more apprehension than anticipation

When I first read that director Quentin Tarantino was shooting a film centered around the 1969 Charles Manson murder rampage, I rolled my eyes. Why, Quentin, why? Tarantino, the former video store clerk turned directing genius, is one of my favorite filmmakers. But not only has this particular story been done to death (no pun... Read more »