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'A Dog's Purpose' Deserves a Chance Despite Controversy

Two recent pet-related films gave me the inspiration for a post. But since covering them both in one would make it way too long, I’m going to break them up over two.  One is “A Dog’s Purpose” and the next one is “The Secret Life of Pets.” I have not seen A Dog’s Purpose. By... Read more »

Ringling Doomed Itself by Failing To Adapt to Changing Times and Trends

  Ringling Bros. dropped a bombshell this past weekend when it announced it was permanently shutting down its Greatest Show on Earth after 146 years, due to declining circus attendance and revenue. As someone who has been a critic of the organization and even demonstrated outside their circuses, I was surprised at my initial reaction... Read more »

The Tragic Life of Killer Whale Tilikum Is a Lesson

Another celebrity death has made the news, although this one may pass under most people’s radar. Tilikum, the infamous and beleaguered killer whale kept captive for 25 years at SeaWorld Orlando, died yesterday at the age of 36 of what is being reported as a lung infection. The media headlines seemed to be announcing the... Read more »