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Time is Running Out for the African Elephant

      At the rate that African elephants and rhinos are being slaughtered, they will become extinct within our lifetimes. Within a decade. The facts are chilling: Every 15 minutes, an elephant in Africa loses its life to poachers, at the rate of 96 a day, up to 50,000 a year. These sophisticated, well-funded, well-organized... Read more »

9/11 Made Us Better People, for a Moment

I wasn’t going to write a 9/11 anniversary post. What do I have to add to the millions of words already being written? I won’t do a Where-I-was-and-what-I-was-doing or How-it-changed-me/us-forever piece. Nobody cares, least of all me. Blessedly, I was not in New York that day. Most blessedly of all, I didn’t know anyone who... Read more »