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This Blog-o Says No Blago

He’s baack. Rod Blagojevich will appear in Judge James Zagel’s courtroom via closed-circuit TV today for his resentencing. Supposedly, Blago has a very good chance of getting his original 14-year sentence dramatically reduced. If that’s the case, having already served four years in federal prison he could soon be a free man. No. No, no,... Read more »

The ugly truth about cheap meat

There is an investigative series currently running in the Chicago Tribune that I find quite remarkable and which I think everyone should read. It’s called “The Price of Pork,” and it exposes abusive practices and environmental harms perpetrated by the pork industry. I find it remarkable because it is fairly rare for a major metropolitan,... Read more »

In defense of choosing not to vote

The political conventions are overwith, and the last remaining challengers have been vanquished. Faced with the most unappealing choice of presidential candidates in my lifetime, I’ve pondered a question that I suspect many are contemplating but few acknowledge, outside of intimate circles. Is not voting ever an acceptable option? This is a difficult question, particularly... Read more »