In honor of her jubilee, enjoy these candid & rare QE2 photos

Queen Elizabeth II just celebrated her Platinum Jubilee, an historically unprecedented 70 years on the British throne. That’s almost three-quarters of a century. Contemplate that for a moment. I posted on the occasion of her 65th Sapphire Jubilee in 2017 about how I feel about this great lady. This said it all, so I saw... Read more »

No William Shatner, I don’t need to go into space

All of the sudden, regular civilians are going up into space. Well not really “regular” folks in the way most of us are, but people who are not trained astronauts. Mostly billionaires and classic TV icons so far, but expect that to change in coming years as space travel finally gets commercialized. My maternal grandmother... Read more »

The 2nd thing that convinced me I had Asperger’s ('80s girls just wanna have libraries)

When I was sixteen, I became absorbed in a biography of Cleopatra. I also became obsessed with the doomed Romanov family of imperial Russia and devoured everything about them I could find, pre-Internet, in my high school library, even cutting class to huddle there for hours. What 16-year-old girl does these things? One with Asperger’s,... Read more »

The first thing that convinced me I had Asperger's: Dyspraxia

I have talked in previous posts about various online questionnaires that indicate one’s likelihood of having Asperger’s syndrome/autism spectrum disorder, and also how they’re not a substitute for a professional diagnosis but a starting point. It was through these types of tests and the available professional literature on the condition that I did my own... Read more »

This World Elephant Day, learn about Wildlife SOS and its work saving abused pachyderms

There are some organizations that are so phenomenally amazing that I would give them a million dollars if I ever won the Powerball jackpot. One of these is Wildlife SOS. I first learned about this India-based organization and its wonderful work when its founders, Kartick Satyanarayan and Geeta Seshamani, came to speak to my law... Read more »

Please don't ask me how I am unless you want to know

If you are a person older than about 40 years of age with Asperger’s Syndrome (aka Autism Spectrum Disorder) and have finished college, maintained a career, supported yourself, attained financial independence, raised a child, or just managed to get through daily life, give yourself a round of applause. You have overcome great adversity. You have... Read more »

Why am I so loud and frowny? An Asperger’s lament

In previous posts, I described some of the most common characteristics of Asperger’s and explained that people with the condition might experience some of them to a greater degree than others. But no matter how Asperger’s manifests itself in an individual, the common thread is a fundamental lack of self-awareness of how one comes across... Read more »

How Asperger's makes you different and how it got categorized as autism

If someone had been asked to describe me when I was young, they probably would have said something along the lines of: “She’s pretty, but weird.” Or, “She’s nice, but a little strange.” After I found out I had Asperger’s syndrome and the puzzle of my life started getting pieced together, I thought of people... Read more »

Realizing you have a mental health issue is the first step toward wellness

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who can’t move on from a particular topic no matter how much you try to steer the conversation in a different direction? Or keeps interrupting and seems oblivious to cues that you want to end the conversation? If so, then it’s likely you were speaking with someone... Read more »

On the inside looking out: Life as an autistic adult

Imagine knowing your whole life, from early grade school, that you’re different from everyone else but not knowing why. Everyday interactions and activities that come so easily to other people are agony. Feeling like you are on the outside looking in. Or more accurately, on the inside looking out. Social situations, with all but a... Read more »