About Jess Rappé


Jess Rappé is a writer, and president of Synergy Creative, Inc. In addition to managing the marketing and design firm she started nearly 20 years ago, Jess’ personal passion is rooted in all things animals. A student of interspecies communication, Jess is an active advocate for animal rights and believer in the connectivity of all living beings.

Jess has had the privilege of learning from renowned Animal Communication Specialist, Penelope Smith, as well as Kristin Hadley Thompson, Interspecies Life Awareness Coach.

Animal-inspired projects have taken Jess around the world— including volunteer work with dolphins and whales in the Bahamas, and Asian elephants in the Golden Triangle region of Thailand. At home here in Chicago, Jess is dedicated to supporting animal rescue, and fostering pugs through the adoption process with Make Our Pugs Safe rescue organization.

These studies and personal experiences have inspired Jess to raise awareness and shift the perception that animal wisdom is reserved for the eccentric—but in fact it’s a profound source of guidance that’s readily available us in our everyday lives. She can be reached at jrappe@synergycreative.net.