Find Out the Hummingbird Secrets

As long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to certain species – those that really speak to me and guide me. Among them: huge mammals, marine life, wise old tortoises, and so-totally-ugly-they’re-irresistibly-adorable pups.

Winged creatures, on the other hand, have managed to escape my consciousness most of the time. I know there are so many passionate bird people out there. And birds are beautiful. I just haven’t spent much time appreciating their unique messages.

These animals have the gift of flight the rest of us can only imagine in our dreams. So I decided to open my own wings, so to speak, and honor a special bird today: Hummingbird.

Many great writers, including DH Lawrence and Emily Dickinson, drew great inspiration from Hummingbird. And I’ve become intrigued with this tiny muse.

One thing I quickly discovered is that Hummingbird is a common spirit animal. I guess I never realized how many of us have a special connection to this bird. Once I began exploring Hummingbird energy I became almost giddy about the things I learned. Bottom line, Hummingbird is one wise cookie.

Around the world, and through the centuries, Hummingbird has come to represent different core meanings for different cultures. There are a few common threads that I find particularly sweet.


Pure joy and exuberance.
There is a lightness of being about Hummingbird. So small, floating almost weightless in the air. That’s how I imagine my spirit to be if unencumbered by the humanness tends to weigh it down.

In many traditions, Hummingbird is considered  magical. Their wings are said to have special powers—bringing love as no other medicine can, and delivering joy to the observer.

Tiny = mighty.
Although it’s the world’s smallest bird, there is nothing small about how Hummingbird runs the show. They migrate up to 2,000 miles to reach their destination. Tenacity and determination have a mascot in this bird.

Do you have a goal that seems far away, or a journey that can feel sooooo long? Call on Hummingbird as a companion, and the gift of persistent pursuit will appear.

Honor the past, be flexible, and keep moving.
So it turns out, Hummingbird can’t actually walk. They fly everywhere. They can stop instantly in full flight, and swiftly turn many directions. Amazingly, it’s the only bird that can fly backwards.

Hummingbird represents that we should be able to look at our past, but not dwell there. We may have a straight path in mind, but life rarely works that way. Be willing to pause (even when moving full speed ahead with conviction), consider, and change directions if the flow of life requests it—without resistance or regret.

It goes on forever.
This is my favorite. Hummingbird has a remarkable and unique hovering pattern. It flutters its wings in the shape of a figure eight, infinity symbol. We are all connected in an infinite, endless web.

South American indigenous peoples consider Hummingbird a symbol of resurrection. Although they appear to die in the evening and cold weather (as they gather energy for their intense flights), they re-emerge with great power in the daylight and warmth. When our hearts are healing from the hurt that has caused us to close up, Hummingbird can show us the way to open again and come to life. Life does, in fact, go on. Every day is an opportunity for resurrection.

Consider honoring Hummingbird – appreciate a flower, be nourished by sweetness, and find joy in your flight path…whatever direction is leads!

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