Listen to the Dolphins

993414_707120839315551_1471567359_nIt’s that time of year again.
Many of us hear the cries of the dolphins calling out from their slaughter in Japan. In Taiji, hunters drive large groups of dolphins—highly evolved, social and trusting beings—into a cove of death. These precious creatures are scared into a shallow area, where they are tied by their tails, dragged, suffocated, and stabbed wildly and viciously. They suffer unimaginable agony. Their deaths are not rapid. Those who may survive and tagged as “special” have been torn from their sacred families, and are shipped on trucks and airplanes to a life of depression and suffering in captivity. To me, this represents the worst of our human ignorance. We have so far to go.

Often we’re left thinking “What can I really do?” In addition to making our own voices heard (see the bottom of this post for some practical suggestions), we can listen to their voices. I dedicate this post to the precious words of Dolphin. May we honor them, by honoring their message for us. And ask for their forgiveness

Dolphin Spirit: Community, Creativity, Communication
Dolphins have large brains—and there many who believe they are more intelligent and spiritually evolved than humans. There are so many beautiful Dolphin teachings, but here are three that we can put into practice every day.

Dolphins live in large groups of up to 100. Females give birth to a single calf, with several dolphins around her actually pulling the newborn out by its tail. If a dolphin is hurt, others care for him and lift him to the surface to breathe. They are even known to help and provide companionship to animals of other species. Thank you Dolphin for reminding us that we need each other, and we are so much more alike than we are different.

Dolphins spend most of their time in joyful play! In harmony with their group, they are curious explorers. They demonstrate affection, and are very expressive. Thank you Dolphin for showing us how to feel deeply and share openly. Make time for play. We can complete even the most serious or mundane tasks with a spirit of joy.

Dolphins each have their own unique, personal whistle. When a dolphin wants the attention of another, she emits the sound of that other dolphin. So perceptive and collaborative. I communicate with you by understanding your vocabulary as well as my own. I love this. And they have a complex, shared understanding of elaborate clicks, grunts and postures. Thank you Dolphin for teaching us that we each have a special, one-of-a-kind voice. Sound is a powerful life force. It’s as important to listen as it is to speak.

If Dolphin shows up for you: Consider that you might be being called to do deeper spiritual work. Try to listen more, talk less, and get in tune with non-spoken messages. Find some opportunities to express affection and understanding, perhaps with someone who challenges you most right now.

If Dolphin is your Power Animal: You are very sensitive and connected to others’ feelings. You’re a master communicator and can listen at different levels simultaneously. You are a guardian of the precious waters of our planet. You are deeply intuitive, even telepathic, with other people and animals. You have a sense of carefree playfulness about you, and embrace joy in all things.

I am so inspired and grateful for these fascinating animals, and I’m making an effort to embrace their example and let them know they are being heard. Together, we have the power to turn the tide.

Interested in learning more about what you can do to speak up for dolphins? Check out these pages on Facebook:

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And OPS put together this helpful list of simple actions.

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