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Chronological King: Reading Every Stephen King Book in Order

It may sound weird, but Stephen King has been a major figure in my life since I was ten years old. When I was ten years old, I read one of his books. It’s a clear memory etched into my permanent recall. It was Christmas break, and I was in the 5th grade. I had... Read more »

Top 8 Most Disgusting Halloween Candy Treats You Shouldn't Buy in 2015

Back in the day, Halloween candy seemed to fall into two distinct categories: chocolate and other stuff. The chocolate stuff would range from the highly coveted snicker bars to the mostly disgusting Mound bars that would stay in your stash until all the chocolate was gone and you became desperate for your next chocolately fix.... Read more »

The Best Chicago Corn Mazes to Visit in 2014

While England may be famous for having stately, formal hedge mazes, Chicago and Chicagoland is famous for having fun and amusing corn mazes. Corn mazes usually go hand-in-hand with most pumpkin farms, but some farms put the quality of their mazes miles ahead of others. These mazes are nothing to sneeze at (unless you have... Read more »

The Top Three Dumbest Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories abound about every subject imaginable, but there are a few so incredibly stupid it is hard to believe anyone could actually believe in them. Here are the top three dumbest conspiracy theories.   1. Reptilian Shape Shifters As if shape shifters in general are not a crazy enough subject, there are fair amounts... Read more »

Five Abandoned Places That Are Safer, and More Interesting, Than Detroit

Abandoned places tend to produce both intrigue and superstition at the same time. Urban exploration has brought this fascination into the limelight, with people exploring abandoned places and posting videos and photos on the Internet. When it comes to the most intriguing abandoned locations around the world, there are five that are sure to intrigue... Read more »

The Top Three Most Dangerous North American Predators

With the excitement of the brown bear that has been sighted around the Rockford area lately, people are starting to wonder what other dangerous critters are lurking in the woods and alleyways. While everyone is familar with coyotes by now, they are pretty low on the danger scale. When most people think of dangerous North... Read more »

Is Cedar Point Cursed? Theme Park Faces Week from Hell

I usually have a hard time feeling sorry for vacation destinations that pull in millions of dollars a weekend, but I honestly feel bad for Cedar Point this week. A combination of odd events has left the park facing probably its worst week ever. For a little background, Cedar Point is one of the most... Read more »

Free Fall & Halloween Family Activities This Weekend Around Chicago

It’s fall in Chicago and that means it is time for Halloween activities. However, the cost of pumpkin farms and other Halloween fun can add up quickly. Instead of shelling out big bucks at the pumpkin patch, you can enjoy these free events with your family this weekend. Keep in mind, these events are free... Read more »

The Best Chicago Pumpkin Farms to Visit in 2013

It’s officially fall in Chicago and it’s finally time to enjoy outdoor fall and halloween activities. If you’re looking for family fun in Chicago, Halloween 2013 won’t disappoint. One of the most popular Chicago Halloween activities is visiting a pumpkin patch to enjoy apple cider, pig races, corn mazes, kiddie rides, haunted houses and to... Read more »

Halloween Family Activities Tweens and Teens Will Actually Want To Do

As parents of tweens and teens know, it’s hard to find fall activities that your child will enjoy with the rest of the family, and Halloween can be especially tricky to navigate these days. With costumes that regularly begin with the words “bad” or “sexy,” it may feel like this holiday is just a lost... Read more »
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