The Best Chicago Corn Mazes to Visit in 2014

While England may be famous for having stately, formal hedge mazes, Chicago and Chicagoland is famous for having fun and amusing corn mazes. Corn mazes usually go hand-in-hand with most pumpkin farms, but some farms put the quality of their mazes miles ahead of others.

These mazes are nothing to sneeze at (unless you have a corn allergy!) and some are even professionally landscaped and designed. The mazes can range in size from small kiddie mazes you can see right over to large mazes with stalks that tower over the heads of adults and measure their size in acres.

Some people might doubt the wisdom of heading into a large maze full of corn stalks that tower over their head, but these mazes have been seen as wholesome fall fun for families for decades. So, strap on a pair of walking shoes and get ready to enjoy some old-fashion farm fun with these amazing “maize” mazes!

There are scores of Corn Mazes at pumpkin patches and farms around the Chicago area, but there are only three that truly stand above the competition as both a work of art and a spooky good time.

The Top Three Chicago Corn Mazes 2014

3. Dollinger farms, Channahon

Dollinger Farms has a 4 acre corn maze that is themed as a spooky giant spiderSpider Maze 2014 this year. They have been creating corn mazes for nearly 20 years, and as a family farm their maze plans take shape over the dinner table each Easter.

When they create their maze, they don’t go for high tech options like GPS or outsource the work to professions. Instead, they use old fashioned graph paper and mathematics to design and cut the maze from the corn field. They use teamwork with two people acting as x and y and a third operating a mower. This labor of love can take up to 6 hours to complete. Each year they do a different theme, and their maze has 5 different stations to discover inside of it. This adds an additional element of exploration and fun to the traditional corn maze experience.

The corn maze at Dollinger Farms opens on September 22nd and stays open through October 30th from 10 am to 6:30 pm. For more information, visit:


2. Siegel’s Cottonwood Farm, Lockport

Siegel’s has two different mazes for you to choose from. They have a smaller 2 14_IL_CrestHill_Mock_Bigacre maze with an anti-bullying theme targeted at kids, and a larger 15 acre maze themed after Wrigley Field.

They choose the Wrigley Field theme to celebrate the ballpark’s 100th anniversary, and because the farm is over 100 years old, making it a Centennial Farm.  They have been hosting a corn maze since 1990, and next year will be their 25th anniversary. The construction of their maze begins in March when they decide on a theme, and then in July the actual maze construction begins when the paths are cut into the cornfield. Then, it is a waiting game as the corn grows taller for the fall festivities.

The maze at Siegel’s opens September 20th and runs until November 1st. The large maze is open on weekends and Columbus Day, and the smaller maze is open daily from 10am-6pm. For more information and coupons, visit:


1. Richardson Farm, Spring Grove IL

While the competition is tough for best corn maze, there is one farm that OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstands out as simply the best. Richardson Farm boasts to have the largest corn maze in the world, and has 28.5 total acres of corn maze for you to have fun in, with 10.5 miles of trail through the corn. This year, the design is of the Star Spangled Banner, in celebration of the song’s 200th anniversary.

In addition to traditional maze fun, they also offer fun games to enhance your labyrinth experience. Kids can do a farm tracks game or finger fortune maze game, and there are also hidden checkpoints to find and a farm scene investigation game to challenge your wits. With the scale of the maze and interactive experiences available, Richardson Farm easily takes the crown when it comes to Chicago-area corn mazes.

In addition to corn maze fun, Richardson Farm also runs a full scale pumpkin farm for you to enjoy once you find your way out.  They are open Friday & Saturday from 10 am to 11 pm, Wednesday and Thursday from 3pm to 10pm and Sunday Noon to 10:00pm. While they are usually closed Monday and Tuesday, they will be open on Columbus Day from 10am to 10pm.

For more information, check out:

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