Twitter & Facebook

You can find plenty of content very relevant to this blog on Twitter @JRFegan.  I provide plenty of musings and comments on White Sox developments, and a lot of in-game notes when the season is on.  Occasionally I tweet about, like, a sandwich I ate or something, but I think everyone does that.

White Sox Observer also has a Facebook page.  Becoming a fan doesn't just serve as a reminder to me that people read my stuff and I should keep writing and not drink myself into a coma every night, it has benefits to you too.  Every post is uploaded onto the page, and will appear in your news feed as if I was one of your pesky friends linking every article I read during the day as if it was important.  Also, if any really important blog-related news came up, such as "I just got lobotomized so I'm a Mets fan now because I like orange", this is the medium through which I'd inform you.