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White Sox showing their hand by pursuing Freddy Garcia

There’s just no subtle way to court Freddy Garcia What the White Sox are going to do with Chris Sale–their best pitching prospect in recent memory–has been an ongoing mystery this off-season.  The best value for Sale is to start, as everyone, who is anyone, agrees on.  However, everyone at 35th & Wentworth was rightly... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Daniel Hudson

Sometimes the only picture of you big enough for a title line is a shot of you looking like you can’t stand the smell of the dugout. As much as I admittedly am charmed by the “We’re All-In” slogan, it’s a bit of a misnomer because…it’s not really new.  Maybe the White Sox aren’t going... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Jake Peavy

The San Francisco Giants’ highest paid player in 2010 was Barry Zito.  Their second-highest was Aaron Rowand.  The third was Edgar Renteria, and the fifth was Mark DeRosa.  My point–if it turns out that I actually have one–is that you can spend a lot of money on players, have said players have poor/terrible/disastrous seasons, and... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Freddy Garcia

White Sox player wrap-ups - Freddy Garcia
At least one person is going to be perturbed about the use of this picture Is there a more fun baseball player to write about than aging, sorta washed-up Freddy Garcia?  It’s entertaining to watch him retire major league hitters with a liberal use of slow breaking-stuff, he’s hilariously covered in sweat by the 2nd... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Mark Buehrle

White Sox player wrap-ups - Mark Buehrle
This is a pic from that World Series thingamabobber….you remember If you buy the Oney-Jenks flap as just another example of the crazy mad-cap White Sox doing crazy things, then Mark Buehrle kinda getting knocked around in 2010 can just be written off as ‘Buehrle being Buehrle’; with ‘Buehrle’ being a guy who occasionally gets... Read more »

Freddy Garcia anywhere from 33 to 9,000 years old

Freddy during his first stint with the White Sox, which lasted from 1273-1945. In that time he recorded 2 complete games Barring being the subject of a really bizarre and torturous family ritual, everyone loves their birthday.  I know I do.  It’s about the only night of the year where I can pick everything I... Read more »

Four-man rotation is the only option left for the White Sox

That is, if you’re still of the mind that the White Sox have options. There should be no doubt at this point that Freddy Garcia has a significant injury that will keep him out of the rotation for some time.  That Freddy went 4 innings before having his back stiffen up, then went the entire... Read more »

White Sox injury problems magically solving themselves?

Hurray for generic images to signify injury! Just a week or so ago, it seemed like the White Sox season had been dealt its death blow in the form of a wave of pitching staff carnage that claimed their top arms.  And let’s be honest, it’s still could have been the death knell–we’re 3.5 games... Read more »

Is Jake Peavy going to become the next Freddy Garica?

The night the music died….by ‘music’ I mean the noise Peavy’s shoulder was making in the weeks before this start So…Tuesday was just another whatever day; office work, cheap coffee, dealing with incompetent drivers on the I-94, reading some White Sox articles in the Tribune….Oh hey!  Look, Mark Gonzales–the resident hard-working White Sox writer–wrote some... Read more »

Hey, Chris Sale's been pretty good, right?

Wednesday night’s White Sox game offered only the slightest respite from the suffering and statistical free-fall the team has recently associated themselves with.  When your best starter blowing a two-run lead, and the best player of the first two months of the season leaving the tying run on 2nd as the game ends to drop... Read more »