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September calling to the minor leagues

September calling to the minor leagues
Between Ramon Castro trying to catch a pitch barehanded, A.J. Pierzynski racing in front of Bruce Chen fastball, Carlos Quentin diving into the ground shoulder-first, and Tony Pena tearing ligaments out of his own elbow, the Chicago White Sox veterans conspired to take the excitement out of September call-ups. Tyler Flowers, Dayan Viciedo, Alejandro De... Read more »

Hope for a not-terrible Philip Humber

In this wonderful era of sabermetrics, pseudo know-it-all bloggers like myself, and actual know-it-all bloggers as well, are regularly bold enough to believe that they have the knowledge and insight necessary to catch the pros in the industry (GMs, player development reps, scouts, managers, Jayson Stark, etc) with their pants down, dead wrong about a... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Scott Linebrink & Carlos Torres

Our blushing subject A rundown of the seasons of two White Sox pitchers of sub-Major League quality. Well….not really…Scott Linebrink is Major League quality, he’s just really bad.  Does that make sense?  He belongs in the big leagues, but I would never ever want him on my team, and think he’s really terrible.  Is this... Read more »

Four-man rotation is the only option left for the White Sox

That is, if you’re still of the mind that the White Sox have options. There should be no doubt at this point that Freddy Garcia has a significant injury that will keep him out of the rotation for some time.  That Freddy went 4 innings before having his back stiffen up, then went the entire... Read more »

Hudson trade reveals lack of starting pitching talent left in White Sox minor league system

Carlos Torres accomplished the goal he needed to in his Tuesday start of the 2nd half of a day-night doubleheader.  He didn’t somehow lose the game he wasn’t pitching in.  Hurrah. Just like flipping over a moldy log reveals a horrifying army of slugs large and organized enough to take down a cocker spaniel, so... Read more »

Daniel Hudson's 'start' will leave the White Sox looking for trades

It’s easy to overlook the magnitude of what Daniel Hudson did in his start Sunday.  His 4 innings of work were easily overshadowed by the 2.2 innings the Kansas City Royals got from Anthony Lerew.  In giving up 8 earned runs, 7 in the 4th, all with two out via 4 HRs, Lerew managed to... Read more »