About the Blog

Since 2010, White Sox Observer has offered insight, analysis and levity on all things White Sox on a daily basis.  Above all, our goal is to augment the fan experience, whether it's breaking down last night's game, reviewing the food at U.S. Cellular Field, or summing up the latest news in the baseball world and explaining how it relates to the White Sox.

Advanced statistics are utilized here, but that doesn't preclude us from having a conversation about the game on the field, and while the primary focus is the major league club, all questions about any up-and-coming prospects are welcome.  In fact, all questions are welcome.  You can email the blog at contact@whitesoxobserver.com, but the best way to get in touch with us is by leaving a comment.

James Fegan - Editor (@JRFegan)

Since starting WSO in March of 2010, I've been writing about the White Sox on the internet.  By "writing about" I mean that I've been devoting improptu statistical research projects, snarky summaries of newspaper copy, and sleepless nights all to the cause of White Sox baseball.  In turn, I've been rewarded with the most enjoyable project I could ever ask for.  Follow me on Twitter for in-game chatter, or contact me at jfegan@alumni.nd.edu.  Yes, I'm a domer.  Forgive me.

Chris Lamberti - Contributor (@CMLamberti)

I'm a cultural historian by training and a White Sox fan by blood.  Originally an enthusiastic WSO reader, I've been a contributor since February 2012.  I feel that being a Sox fan is more than standings and statistics, it's part of a shared identity.  Jerry Reinsdorf & Co. may own the franchise, but the team is ours.  With this in mind, I connect the White Sox with the history of the city, hold ownership accountable to fans and the community, and try to make myself laugh while writing about it.  Email me at christopherlamberti@yahoo.com. 

Kevin Wallace - Contributor (@kwallace23)


I am very proud to say that I am a born and raised White Sox fan from the northern suburbs.  I also had my Bar-Mitzvah party at the Comiskey Park stadium club (It was in 1999 so yes, it was still called Comiskey).  I had the pleasure of driving over 2,800 miles from college in Ann Arbor (Go Blue!) to Chicago and back to attend every home playoff game.

I greatly look forward to contributing to the White Sox Observer.  I think the blogosphere is a great place for White Sox fans to communicate and celebrate and commiserate together.  I look forward to providing a good mix of insightful analysis, praise, criticism and humor.

My email address is kevin.s.wallace@gmail.com and any questions and comments are very much welcome.  Unlike James, I went to the University of Michigan and I’m not going to apologize for it.