Inevitably I'll realize I forgot something, and will have to come back

As someone who graduated with a degree in history, I can only hope that hundreds of years from now, the glut of baseball blog eulogies that I am about to contribute to will provide part-time classification work to some like-minded student.

For that lucky student toiling for their professor of  Self-Indulgence in the Nascent Days of Social Media 101, they can file this post under “not really a eulogy.”

This was never a tremendously popular White Sox blog, which is mostly why it is ending.

I have not reached some grand point in maturity in my life, where childcare and career concerns have overtaken silly concerns like baseball.

I have not lost my love of writing about this team. Inevitably and eternally, my enjoyment of this process outpaces the enjoyment of my readers–which is actually a much better arrangement than it sounds like.

I am not on the outs with management.  I was written a lovely letter upon my resignation that gave me some brief pangs of regret.

Instead, happily, I have decided that the best way to keep my White Sox blogging active and sharp is to form a partnership with a colleague I respect. As of this week, I joined Matt Adams at Southside Showdown to be co-editors of what I am sure will now be one of the strongest Sox blogs around.

But it will only be one of them. Another will be Future Sox, and yet another will be Art of the Pale Hose. ChicagoNow’s White Sox coverage remains in good hands.

To be honest, you should probably just read all three of these sites.  It’s the only prudent response.

This has been a rather rambling and indirect goodbye, but that’s because it’s not a goodbye, just a change–an exciting one at that, and I hope you’ll follow me through it.

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