Morning notes - Thanks for the memory, Jordan Danks

Morning notes - Thanks for the memory, Jordan Danks
DeWayne Wise is already having an impact on White Sox wait, vice-versa // Armando L. Sanchez, Chicago Tribune

Apparently the White Sox were more than aware of the redundancy of carrying both Jordan Danks and DeWayne Wise on the roster.  They’re sending Jordan back to AAA Charlotte, and replacing him with what was being announced Sunday as “pitching depth”.  In case you were wondering, Jordan Danks’ last at-bat with the team was the walk-off home run.

That’s an odd note to close on, and a bitter pill for Danks, since the Sox consciously chose to replace him with an older, more fully-realized version of himself.  He gets three weeks of full-time play before he’s likely brought back, where he’ll be lucky to scrape away half the meager amount of plate appearances he was already being given.

DeWayne Wise had an RBI single Sunday, and has flashed his some of his power in very limited playing time this season, but his career statistics suggest he can’t really be regarded as an offensive upgrade over anyone.  Thus, the reasons he’s replacing Danks have to be of the “veteran, experience, trusted” variety, and other qualities that will be hard to glean from the outside.  We just have nostalgia.

On a positive note, that pitching depth will surely come to good use.  Brett Myers and Matt Thornton should be flying to Toronto in ice tubs.

Konerko’s noggin

Konerko’s undergoing tests Monday at good old Rush University Hospital in Chicago to determine his progress in recovering from a mild concussion.  If he gets a positive evaluation, he’ll resume workout activities and probably be ready for Friday.

If he doesn’t, he’s probably not going to get cleared to play in time for the start of the Royals series.  Which is great news for that anonymous bullpen depth guy.

Third Catcher

Robin Ventura, the guy who recently put both his catchers in the starting lineup Saturday night–and scored seven runs while doing it!–has stated his desire to have a third catcher on the roster come September call-ups.

Obviously, we all hope that means a trip down to the avocado farm to talk Donny Lucy into taking a shot at being a playoff legend.

Youkilis making it through this season alive

Youkilis was already dealing with a sore knee on Saturday night, maybe he was even thinking about the knee at the very moment Grant Balfour hit him in the forearm with a fastball.

He missed Sunday’s game, but defined his arm as “more stiff than sore”.

Soreness, stiffness, tightness, tenderness…who knows what it means?  All of these terms have been abused beyond recognition.  There are no broken bones and he might play Monday.  Maybe they should just rest him during all road games, and save him for home games, where he pretty much is never not homering.

That one pitch Thornton threw to Jonny Gomes

The White Sox were terrorized by lefty-killer Jonny Gomes over the weekend, who hit two home runs off of lefties and in doing so firmly reminded everyone why he has a major league job.  Only the Saturday blast against Matt Thornton really stung, and came on a big, hanging breaking ball that no one really associates with him…yet.

Answering questions on the pitch selection, Thornton sounded like a veteran reliever annoyed about being second-guessed about a single pitch.

“Our scouting report said, ‘First-pitch breaking ball, outside. Strike 1 every time,'” Thornton said. “My thought was that maybe I’d hung the pitch a little bit. I went back and watched it and talked to [catcher] Tyler [Flowers] and he said that he was going to catch it at the knees. It was going to be the right pitch.”

“It caught me off guard he even swung, but that’s the way it is. It’s the game of baseball. He hit a line drive and it got out.”

Player quotes rarely get more in-depth than that.  Expecting Thornton to blow Gomes away with heat isn’t in line with the type of player Thornton is anymore, or the type of mismatch he was dealing with.  The plan was sound, and he failed to execute.

No stopping them now

Don Cooper announced that there are no plans to shut down Chris Sale or Jose Quintana, which makes sense since that would pretty much ruin the season.  However, he did leave the option of another skip in the rotation down the road for them if needed.

Sale is sitting at 138.2 IP after this past week, and gave up four of his 11 home runs on the season in his last two outings.  All of them were solo.  He seems both unlikely to continue to be plagued with such problems, or to continue to escape damage.

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