Paul Konerko's 400th

Most of the joy of this White Sox season has been watching the team slowly and improbably build a sustainable model for success.

But even in a rough year, seeing elder statesmen Paul Konerko reach another milestone would be a reason to stop and appreciate all that he’s accomplished, both in his entire career and in this improbable two and a half years of renaissance.

Because it’s 2012, and luck has turned all over the South side, Konerko’s 400th home run was not just idle stat-padding, but a dramatic, 9th-inning, game-tying blast that sent Hawk Harrelson into a spiraling fit of ecstasy.  That’s when he’s at his most relatable, anyway.

They would lose the game in heartbreaking fashion that would hasten the end of Hector Santiago’s closer career, but two months removed from the day, that’s just post-script.


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