Chris Sale's a starter again

Chris Sale's a starter again
Hooray! Hooraaaaaay!!!! // Tribune photo

Well, the important thing is that it all worked out in the end.

The confusing week-long sequence of Chris Sale being bounced back and forth from the bullpen came to end Friday with Kenny Williams weighing in for the first time, and swiftly ending the debate.

Kenny Williams says that Chris Sale will likely start tomorrow.

— Chuck Garfien (@ChuckGarfien) May 11, 2012

The decision came after Sale’s MRI was deemed “clean and pristine”, which surely didn’t aid the side of debate advocating a dramatic change in his career path for health concerns.

It wasn’t a good day in general for Robin Ventura and Don Cooper’s position.

After decision was made by Sox staff to move Sale to bullpen, Chris called Williams and convinced him to let him back in rotation.

— Chuck Garfien (@ChuckGarfien) May 11, 2012

Tales of players going over their manager’s heads to the GM never speak well to clubhouse structure, but this particular case brings into question how much Kenny Williams was ever consulted with the initial career-altering decision.

So while the precedent Sale established was probably not a great one, it served to accelerate a process that needed to take place anyway.  Kenny Williams had to take action if he had any reservations about bailing on Chris Sale’s starting career.  If it’s any solace to this whole headache, the process apparently led to Sale becoming self-actualized.

Sale: ” I just felt it was time to stand up for what I believed in.”

— Scot Gregor (@scotgregor) May 11, 2012

Maybe even too self-actualized:

Williams: “He was adamant about (being able to start) to the point where he almost crossed the line. I liked that.”

Overall, it’s good that he did, because a White Sox rotation with Chris Sale has a lot better chance of being the dominant entity it needs to be for the team to be competitive in the AL Central.  As a bonus, it clears the 9th inning out for Addison Reed, which isn’t a bad development at all.

Williams cautioned that Sale’s health will be closely monitored going forward, but that’s clearly already been the case.

Cooper and Ventura’s reaction to Sale’s elbow soreness was mystifying at the time, and certainly doesn’t figure to get much more explicable, there was a nugget at the end of Gonzo’s article that showed that Chris himself acknowledged some trouble was brewing with his elbow:

Sale said he may have to use his slider less but “by no means”  is he scrpapping it altogether.

That’s surely troubling, but a lack of concern on the part of the coaching staff isn’t the issue here.


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