John Danks is very clearly the Opening Day starter, even after Tuesday

John Danks is very clearly the Opening Day starter, even after Tuesday
Hips hips, hips hips, HIPS HIPS HIPS HIPS // Scott Strazzante, Tribune photo

The second Spring Training game rolled around Tuesday and oh, well, losing again.

The novelty of trying to make cautious judgments off single game performances has waned a bit.  Perhaps that’s because John Danks looked terrible in his first outing, and John Danks is probably the Opening Day starter.

“Right now, [Danks] is going to be that guy,” Ventura said after a 6-2 exhibition loss to the Angels. “I like him as that guy right now. I’m not making it official. It could schedule out that way.”

Well of course, it’s going to schedule out that way, Guy Who Made the Schedule!

Danks getting the Opening Day nod was a responsibility that was effectively transferred over to him when Buehrle left, seemingly confirmed when he signed a contract to stay on for five more years and have more money committed to him than any other pitcher on the team, and hinted at regularly for the past two weeks.

A formal announcement from Ventura isn’t really necessary at this point, nor is it some hard decision he really has to stew on.  It’s more of a ceremonial honor, which was why Buehrle–despite his greatness–retained the responsibility so often even when he was outshone by other rotation members from time to time.

Given what he represents for the team’s present and future, Danks deserves it.

But oh, he was still quite awful Tuesday .  It happens, this is a good time for it.  Hence the absence of the actual statistical line.

More bit-tids!

-Adam Dunn walked two more times in his only plate appearances Tuesday.  He literally never stopped being able to walk during the worst stretches of 2011.  There’s just nothing I can glean from this.  He hasn’t struck out yet, but man, that will change.

“I like what I’m seeing [from Dunn],’’ manager Robin Ventura said.

Spring Training!

– Gordon Beckham is still a plus fielder, and recorded another assist to home plate again.  It’s still not 2009, but he had two singles Tuesday instead of two hideous strikeouts.

-Nate Jones could be added to the possibly-existing list of organizational arms having a good enough Spring to merit roster consideration.  His odd little whip deliver produced three strikeouts in two innings of work, though his command will have to hold up for weeks on end for it to matter.

Brian Omogrosso did not add his name to this list.  If anything, allowing three runs and striking out no one in an inning added his name to the opposite list for the time being.

Or not.  There’s B games and side-sessions going on all the time that could be factoring just as much or more in management’s thinking.  Simon Castro and Jhan Marinez have apparently been having personal time with Don Cooper this whole time.

Jhan Marinez and Simon Castro, who combined for three scoreless innings in a B game Monday against the Indians, will get more chances.

“(Marinez’s) fastball has movement (and) velocity,” pitching coach Don Cooper said. “His M.O. is he hasn’t thrown strikes.”

“He got my attention semi-negatively with what he was doing,” Cooper said. “He had the right idea but was going about it the wrong way. After a couple of practices, he instantly looked better.”

Those schemesters!

There’s always an excitement when its implied that Don Cooper has changed something.

REVENGE!  The White Sox scored on a single that inexplicably scored a runner from 1st base!  The streams have been crossed!  The tide reversed!  Balance is restored!

Three things about the video for this play.  1. Lillibridge has looked good at the plate.  2. The crowd gasping is the best part.  3.  I’ve never started my own Twitter hashtag, so…#ReleaseRyanLangerhans.


Jake Peavy and Zach Stewart pitch on Wednesday.  Anything is possible.


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