Don Cooper is allowed to be a curmudgeon

In a tale as old as time, a national writer makes a critique of a player or coach, and a local writer refutes their critique by adding loads and loads of context.  Still, I felt it necessary to refute Craig Calcaterra’s suggestion that Don Cooper being resistant to new ideas will lead to his immediate decline in effectiveness.  Click the title to read over at Southside Showdown.


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  • "If you were an executive in a billion dollar business and one of your supervisors . . ." (Calcaterra quote)

    Ugh. I understand the impulse to try to make the ins and outs of baseball relatable, but it's pretty unfortunate when people concerned about professional baseball make comparisons between it and other industries. Coaches and management are not like business executives of some fortune 500 company. Players are not like employees at a xerox machine sales company or down at the ice plant. For a whole litany of reasons, baseball is a totally unique entity. So address baseball on it's own terms.

    I believe this is what is referred to in the vernacular as a "pet peeve."

  • In reply to Chris Lamberti:

    Craig definitely went polemical, to the point that I thought it decreased the effectiveness of the article and sent the comment section into a "Is Don Cooper stupid?: Yes or no" debate.

    I'm kind of on a swing where I feel like I've been too harsh on the collected knowledge of the first 150 years or so of baseball analysis and all the old-school guys. I'm sure it'll swing back at some point. Also, goodness gracious, attack the 25 other pitching coaches who would all say the same thing who aren't as good as Cooper.

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