Sox Index 2/18/12

Sox Index 2/18/12
Probably covered in welts // Chicago Tribune

White Sox team home runs in 1959: 97

MLB rank: 16 (last)

White Sox team stolen bases in 1959: 113

MLB rank: 1

Games started for White Sox by Ed Walsh in 1908: 49

Games completed: 42

Stolen bases on Ray Schalk in 1925: 29

Runners caught stealing: 62 (68%)

Major League baseball players born in Finland before John Michaelson pitched his first and last 2.2 professional innings for the White Sox in 1921: 0

Born in Finland after: 0

Season in which Nellie Fox won the MVP and a Gold Glove awards: 1959

Fox’s salary in 1959: $45,000

Raise Fox received in 1960: $2000

Age of Early Wynn, White Sox Cy Young award winner, 1959: 39

Wins: 22

MLB Rank: 1

Early Wynn Wins Above Replacement 1959 (BR): 2.7

League leader in WAR for pitchers 1959 (BR): 7.4 (Hoyt Wilhelm)

Season in which Minnie Minoso had more than 363 plate appearances: 12

Seasons he led the league in times hit by pitch: 10

Frank Thomas consecutive seasons with 100 or more walks: 8 (1991-1998)

Streak rank all time: 1 (tied)

Mark Buehrle consecutive perfect innings pitched July 18 through July 28, 2009: 15

Streak rank all time: 1

Number of White Sox players in Baseball America’s top 50 prospects 2000-2005: 10

2006-2011: 4

Expected 2012 (to be released Tue, Feb 21): 0

Number of questions out of 10 this blogger answered correctly on the first attempt on Homeboy’s Chicago White Sox trivia quiz: 8

Number of red herrings in Homboy’s White Sox trivia quiz meant to mislead the informed White Sox fan: 2



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  • I wasn't familiar with the Harper's Index when I first read it, which made it seem like a random assortment of facts with little logical connection to each other. Now that I've read a Harper's Index, it makes perfect sense.

    I was enjoying the notion that you were just Hunter S. Thompson now, though.

  • In reply to James Fegan:

    I do fear and loathe, in significant and roughly equal parts, even without hallucinogens.

    Wikipedia describes Harper's Index as "ironic statistics arranged for thoughtful effect." That's the gist of it I guess. Since statistics are such a huge part of enjoying baseball, I thought this would be fun to try. Plus, because of what I do otherwise, I can't tell you how appealing the idea is of just throwing numbers out there without worrying about giving them much context or meaning. I like that the meaning is implicit to Sox fans, hopefully.

    Or I'm just an idiot throwing random Sox statistics out there. Either way, if people like it I'll try to post a new Sox Index every once in a while. If not, well, next time maybe I will go gonzo.

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