The best White Sox news is fake

The best White Sox news is fake
This is classic Gavin // Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

It’s too bad that the Gavin Floyd-to-the-Blue Jays trade rumor never got picked up by any credible media outlet.  Rumors are a blast, especially ones that would blatantly indicate a full-scale rebuild, and especially one that comes in January, the month where fun dies in the cold, because it turns out fun was homeless this entire time.

Instead, it’s only inspiration for hypothetical conversations like “What’s a better centerpiece for a Gavin Floyd trade?  A stud-prospect fallen on hard times like Kyle Drabek, or a promising lower-level arm like Deck McGuire?  By the way, is Deck his real name?  No, nope, it’s William.  Deck’s his middle name, which is still kinda cool, I guess.”  Neither one seems like an ideal return on their own.

My favorite iteration of the rumor was Gordon Beckham and Gavin Floyd for both McGuire and Drabek as well as OF Anthony Gose.  First, it’s a more impressive haul, but more it’s that it would bring the White Sox one step closer to acquiring every toolsy outfielder with contact issues in existence, and would probably haphazardly shove Brent Lillibridge into the starting 2nd base role.

A rebuilding year deserves to be marked by some wonky attraction like Brent Lillibridge getting 650 plate appearances.  I haven’t seen him play in a while, but 37 HRs with 271 Ks seems like a solid projection for him with increased playing time.

I also haven’t seen that anywhere beyond a SSS comment section, but since this is literally a discussion of baseless rumors, I figured it would pass.

White Sox Tidbits!

-Chris Jaffe of the Hardball Times posted this year’s edition of his impressively accurately Hall of Fame voting predictions.  Barry Larkin is the only player he projects to make it in when the results are announced on Monday, but Chris does figure former Sox player and coach Tim Raines to make an encouraging jump from 38% to 52%.

-One of the reasons cited for letting Bobby Jenks walk was durability concerns.  Kinda general durability concerns related to his conditioning and history, but it’s still safe to say that a pulmonary embolism and now two separate surgeries to remove fluid from near his spine isn’t quite what anyone was expecting.  Jeez…get well, Bobby.

-January 5th was beloved White Sox Ron Kittle’s birthday, he turned 54.  Good thing he was around before people were big into on-base percentage, as apparently Kittle was the Tony Bautista of the 1980’s….with more strikeouts.  This has been sad to find out.

-The Mariners picked up Japanese starting pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma on a 1-year, $1.5 million deal, nabbing him on the cheap after a shoulder injury held him under 120 innings last season.  It comes on the heels of the M’s locking up Munenori Kawasaki, who will most likely serve as a utility infielder if he makes the team.  Both will join fellow countrymen Ichiro Suzuki, whose presence almost certainly was an influence in their decisions.  If only the White Sox had some sort of international connection like–oh wait!  The Cubans!  Right.  I hope that’s actually a thing.  Alexei should talk/recruit/record Lowe’s radio ads with Ed Farmer more.

Bullpen Morass

Both Larry at South Side Sox and JJ at White Sox Talk have done a rough review of the candidates for the back end of the bullpen, and it’s hard to really build on their conclusions.

It’s a grab-bag.  Some of the most attractive candidates: Dylan Axelrod, Zach Stewart, Simon Castro, Hector Santiago, Charlie Leesman, and even Jake Petricka, are probably still viewed as future starters.  The straight-up bullpen candidates: Brian Bruney, Gregory Infante, Jhan Marinez, Deunte Heath, Donnie Veal, etc., are all too shaky for any to really be favorites.  Decisions will actually be made in Spring Training.

Until then, all I have is Google:

-Brian Bruney was a child extra in Kindergarten Cop

-Donnie Veal was a White Sox 12th round pick in 2003, but declined to sign, later becoming the jewel of the Cubs system before not being able to throw strikes derailed his career.  Kenny always gets his man!  It also takes 12 pages searching ‘Donnie Veal’ on Google Images before pictures of actual veal just start appearing.

This site seems to be very bullish on Gregory Infante’s future.

-Here’s actually a pretty sweet article about Hector Santiago’s reaction to getting promoted last season.

-Seedlings to Stars points out Dylan Axelrod’s reliance on a single plus pitch, which would seem to make him better suited for the bullpen.  I’m only settling for this article because this is the only page I can find for him at this site.

-If you Google ‘Deunte Heath’, you’re just going to get a lot hits for this story.  Why did they set up a prostitution sting right outside the Spring Training facility anyway?!?!  That’s profiling, man!

Charlie Leesman, pictured with another White Sox pitching prospect.


That seems like enough for now.


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  • I never figured out how a tweet became journalism, and hence I don't have much interest in the hot stove league, except for the obvious like Z to the Ms.

    As for Heath, (a) it is difficult to do anything in Kissimmee that is not near a baseball training camp or Disney World (no mention whether they also picked up Buzz Lightyear's friend Woody) and (b) apparently minor leaguers have to pay for it, while reports are that one major leaguer got it for free (although it may end up costing him more in the legal sense than it will Heath following up on the ads).

  • In reply to jack:

    Well, it's a hyper-speed way to break stories and rumors, and eventually industry people decided they loved the convenience of that so much, that they were willing to bear the obvious pitfalls of such a device. I have a hard time seeing how enjoyable Twitter is to be part of unless you're a media person yourself, so if you're not someone who cares about hearing every rumor the second it emerges, then yeah, there's not much point.

    I just thought it was funny that the article made a point to mention that the sting happend right near the Spring Training Facility, as if Heath saw it while pulling out of the parking lot. And yes, nothing makes solicitation of prostitution seem forgivable like an alleged sexual assault.

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