White Sox Observer now has a real domain name!

This blog is an off-shoot of the ChicagoNow network, which is something you may or may not be a fan of, but haven’t been able to ignore for many reasons.  One of which is the somewhat complicated and onerous URL of www.chicagonow.com/white-sox-observer that it’s been saddled with.  Well, no longer!

Actually, that still is the URL.  But there’s another one, because I bought the domain name whitesoxobserver.com and set it re-direct to the blog.  Some of you already have the URL saved to your bookmarks, or know how to operate an RSS feed, but for a select few of you, things just got marginally easier.  Just whitesoxobserver.com.

What?  That’s not a satisfactory amount of content to justify its own post?  Never fear, because here’s a gallery of White Sox players and their magical, floating equipment.


Alright, fine, it’s a pretty nothing post….had to make the announcement somehow.


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  • FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is the proper response.

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