Goodness Gracious Game 6

Goodness Gracious Game 6
This is actually not that great of a photo // Ezra Shaw/Getty Photo

I had a thought prepared for tonight.  It was a snarky thought, indirectly or pretty directly rebuking something Phil Rogers said about the White Sox decision on Buehrle coming this week.

That’s absurd, the White Sox don’t let long-time veterans get all the way to free agency, then break their necks rushing to operate within the five-day exclusive negotiating window.

They didn’t do it for Konerko or Pierzynsi last year, or even for Konerko after the ’05 World Series, when Reinsdorf might have been thrown onto the Dan Ryan Expressway if Paulie was allowed to walk.  Kenny Williams said he wants to see what the market is for Buehrle,  so he’s going to hit the market.

There’s probably 400 or some more words I could get out of that by exploring historical examples and ramping up the snootiness, but the interest in the Buehrle situation is predicated on the World Series being over, and who the hell would want that?

Game 6 had the two glaring flaws of being a sloppily fielded and managed affair, and not having the Chicago White Sox in it.  But the sheer drama and entertainment value of all the pendulum swings in win expectancy and emotion pushed that from my mind.  As fate would have it, I do not spend long tracts of time with the White Sox pushed out of my mind.

Yet as long as the Cardinals and Rangers are doing battle, there’s no need to worry about saying goodbye to any team legends, a future rebuild with a GM who doesn’t rebuild, or how to pass the time for the next five months until the next meaningful baseball game.  So by all means, play another one fellas.

Friday night, the Cardinals and Rangers will play in the culmination of everything that we’ve been following as baseball fans since the beginning of the year; there’ll be season-saving/ruining plays, goofy managing decisions, and incredibly high-leverage at-bats all night.  Thank goodness the Sox never put us through this.

I cannot imagine doing anything else Friday.  There are Big Hurt Beers in the fridge (they’re not good, but they’re very potent and I bought far too many of them), I’ve already warned the people I love to leave me alone, and threatened my roommate about the living room television.

They’ll understand.  It’s worth it.


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