Matt's only going 10% of the way, so AJ better go 90% // Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

It’s been a weekend for conquering mundane goals that were heavily in doubt for the White Sox

They’ve captured the Crosstown Series for realsies by winning their fourth game of the stretch–a 1-0 scraper over the relatively hapless Cubs– on Saturday, saving the egos of their fan base for the next year or so.

By winning their fourth game in a row, they’ve reached the .500 mark for the first time since April 16th (and that wasn’t a happy day), despite colliding headlong with 2 games under .500 three times earlier and only gaining a concussion for the effort.

And Juan Pierre, despite all the odds, might be well on his way to having a typical Juan Pierre season….in terms of batting performance at least.

He’s actually only 2 out of 8 with a walk during this series, but there’s something to be said for launching game-winning hits three games in a row, especially for a team as starved for high-leveraged hitting as this one, and especially on a day like Saturday where Matt Garza was burning White Sox hitters alive.  Just in case Pierre goes on a tear where he hits .700 for the next 8 years, I’ll just leave it at this; Viciedo is a monster in Triple-A, and this offense needs help.  Something needs to get figured out.

But this is a day for celebrating.  The White Sox are .500, and are thus officially worth talking about in ambitious tones of voice.  The state of the AL Central has led more credibility to the Sox 2011 campaign that it’s earned on it’s own, but now we fans are officially granted the privileges of a non-losing team.  We can scoreboard watch, we can talk about immediate-impact trades, we can say things “Damn the consequences! Reinsdorf needs to pony up the $40 million Usain Bolt is asking for to be a designated pinch runner/late-game outfielder!” and kinda mean it.  Baseball can mean something, and it can be this year.

Or they could lose tomorrow.  In which case, screw it.


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  • late-game outfielder? bolt is starter. he'll give you 200 bags! and he's a white sox guy:


  • In reply to The Wizard:

    Holy crap, all we need to do is buy him a Beast Mode t-shirt

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