Well, now we just look like morons


Oh, hey you. // Norm Hall, Getty Images

A quick status update for the White Sox after a dreary 4-1 loss to the Diamondbacks for their third straight defeat would be….very thoroughly not good.

It’s not rock-bottom.  How could it be in a season where the Sox have been as much as 11 games under .500?

But if there’s a moment where the team looked like they were stuck in the mire while the men at the wheel can’t realize the parking break is on, it’s now, after getting undressed by their formerly very own Dan Hudson–the love child that impatience and short-sightedness brought into the world–while sticking with the same stodgy offense that’s now accumulated two runs in the last three games.

As Jim thoroughly blazed through last night,
the Hudson & Holmberg for Jackson trade was always going to be a
loss down the road–which time keeps annoying moving toward–but
Hudson’s immediate blossoming means that the foolish, immediate goals
Williams was trying to achieve with Edwin Jackson were placed in the
wrong hands.  Jackson’s still inconsistent, and can’t match his results
to his talent nor his peripherals, and Hudson looks like the type of
pitcher he was impulsively shipped out in pursuit of.

So while Friday night was just one game like they all are, and maybe it doesn’t mean as much that Hudson dominated this offense
to the tune of 9 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 5 K, 1 BB, it’s hard to imagine the
front office enduring a night of more embarrassing without Oney Guillen
tweeting out nuclear secrets.


It’s not your fault, it just REALLY feels like it is. // Norm Hall, Getty Images

This is the type of demoralizing loss that leaves fans pacing through
the house with clenched fists, angrily opening extra beers, and drawing
back expletive-laden rants about “trading ’em all”.  Or to be more
blunt, nights like Friday scream for change.  Which isn’t coming.

”If people don’t like Juan, well, that’s too bad,” Guillen said
Friday. “As long as he’s here, I have to play him. He’s my leadoff guy,
and he can make a lot of things happen. We know he’s struggling right

Obviously I disagree,
and the sentiment behind “I have to play him” is mystifying to the
point you have to assume there’s some kind of context he’s reaching

While it’s probably far from the worst thing to have a manager who is
unfailingly patient with his veterans (even though it clearly isn’t
consistent), if Ozzie wanted to do a better job of painting a picture of
himself as obstinate and blindly committed to ineffective small-ball
tendencies as the team sinks into the morass…well, then he’d probably
have to actually craft a large oil painting of Juan Pierre ripping off
his shirt to reveal a Twins jersey underneath, tearing a base out from
the infield and bludgeoning Gordon Beckham with it while Ozzie wears a
blank expression and calls for a hit-and-run.

Overall, not a good night–or a great year–for the White Sox
braintrust.  Given the stakes of this season, I’ve always assumed that
this would as impatient of a year as we’ve witnessed in some time in
terms of roster tweaks and trades. 

And I assume that it still will be, which is of some comfort when Juan
Pierre is grounding back to the pitcher.  If only I didn’t have to fear what that change might be.

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