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Juan Pierre has a little lesson for us about sample size

Juan Pierre has a little lesson for us about sample size
Hey, we’re on WordPress now, read about the changes here. Juan Pierre’s been taking a beating all year for playing to a standard that would make some men take up pitching.  But it’s hard to pile on him this week after he launched the decisive blows in a stirring 6-4 comeback win over the Rockies,... Read more »

ChicagoNow has switched over to a WordPress format, which is a process that is a lot more labor-intensive than I care to hear my site admin talk about.  Like anything new and exciting on the internet, the transfer will be fraught with glitches to where you wonder why we didn’t stick with the adorably familiar... Read more »

See you at the crossroads...

Previously we learned that actions have consequences, this week we receive disheartening news about inaction as well. // Doug Pensinger, Getty Images In the wake of what I’ve been led to believe is the 37th agonizing and inexplicable extra-inning loss for the White Sox this season, I’m actually not trying to play the “THIS IS... Read more »

White Sox All-Star game candidates, and other fictional creatures

White Sox All-Star game candidates, and other fictional creatures
And he won’t need someone to get a career-derailing concussion this time to get back! // Michael Buckner, Getty Images The All-Star Game can be kind of silly.  The fans vote for the starters, and that inevitably results in a great deal of the team being determined via popularity contest, and anyone who’s been to... Read more »

White Sox Week That Was - 6/20-6/26: Mediocrity fits like a glove

Harold take this helmet offa me, I can’t use it anymore. It’s getting dark, too dark to see….// Jose M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune The White Sox clocked in at 3-3 on the week, and perhaps if a few more of the losses weren’t of the “that could have been prevented” variety, it would have been... Read more »

Danks injury leads to bizarrely excellent relief...almost makes me forget about Friday

And with that touch, the demon Azazel finds a new host body // Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune Thanks to the 6-man rotation, Jake Peavy was able to step in Saturday at a moment of need for the bullpen, and toss 4 excellent shutout innings (7 Ks!) while earning the win in a 3-0 White Sox... Read more »

Why is Edwin Jackson failing to live up to expectations?

Remember him as you loved him then. // Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune This article starts off with me explaining the basic principles of FIP then zooming to obscure pitch value and plate discipline stats with barely a warning.  I’d keep the stat primer open and go to FanGraphs Library if this intro is worrisome to... Read more »

Bullpen acrobatics

Not from this game but…you get the idea. // Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune Maybe Wednesday wasn’t exactly what everyone had in mind.  Both expectations coming into the season and those for just this game tonight led to surprises. Game surprise: Jake Peavy can’t spot anything beside his fastball?Season surprise: Jake Peavy’s doesn’t have devastating slider? ... Read more »

Konerko holding up his side of the bargain, Dunn faces uphill climb to meet his

Konerko has earned the admiration of both legendary hitters and Gawd-awful ones. // Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune If you get confused or annoyed during this, check out the stat primer for explanations.The White Sox free agency is in bizarro-land.  The sure-thing perennially producing DH is getting booed before his at-bats now.  Jesse Crain and Will... Read more »

White Sox ability to lose to bad teams put in horrifying and unwelcome spotlight

NOW FOR ALL TO SEE – Ozzie Guillen as a man capable of getting slightly miffed. // Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune (Quick question, do you use the possessive (‘s) for Sox?  Is it a plural or a singular?  Do any rules apply seeing as it’s…you know, not a real word?) Any refutation of the Cubs-Sox... Read more »