So things aren't going well...


Yeah, that’s the right facial expression // Rick Osentoski, US PRESSWIRE

Well, shoot me in the face.

With this most recent 9-0 laugher/snoozer/cryer loss to the Tigers, the White Sox are 8-13, 2-10 in their last 12, and are averaging 2.67 runs during that stretch.  Normally this would lead to a street mob armed with pitchforks and torches (at 3 in the afternoon!) charging 35th & Shields, demanding Greg Walker’s head, but Walker has amusingly pre-empted that with a sarcasm-laced dismissal of the team’s struggles.

After 21 games, this is a last place team.  In a division with other very qualified last-place candidates.

Last season–and probably this season too, who’s paying
attention?–Kenny Williams said that 60 games was a proper amount of
time to judge the identity of the team.  Even though the 2010 White Sox
pretty much turned this notion completely on its ear, I still think it’s
a pretty good measure.  It’s a good amount of time to determine whether
the team is a contender, or if it’s a sinking ship and analyzing trade possibilities
can begin…in time to actually judge those trades competently, rather
than just pulling the trigger because the deadline is in five minutes
and you gotta do something.


Carlos in charge, of our days and our nights…// Rick Osentoski, US PRESSWIRE

I once mocked Kenny Williams by comparing him to Master Shake of Aqua
Teen Hunger Force when he was being controlled by Travis of the Cosmos
(If you don’t understand anything I just said, this picture should show how insulting this is), so please trust that I take his opinions with a grain of salt.

The White Sox have reached about a third of that game total, and the
results are certainly awful, but they certainly aren’t definitive to the
point of meriting any kind of real change in approach. 

Tinker between
Teahen and Morel at will, rotate the closer like a pinwheel, but the
fundamental foundations of the team (Dunn as the primary run producer,
Beckham as the 2nd basemen of the future, Peavy returning to the
rotation, etc) have to remain in place until they’re given adequate time
to fail before their death can really be bemoaned beyond the requisite
“April sucks hard” lament.

2011 was supposed to be all about having a fast start, the schedule
suggested good opportunities to make hay, and the two main contenders in
the division spent plenty of time eating pavement.  It was all there
for the White Sox to break things open, and they blew it. 

At best April
will be a wash, and at worst they’ll spend all of May digging out of
this hole.  It’s infuriating, and annoying, and the rash of increased
alcohol and ice cream consumption that’s broke out all over the South
Side is more than warranted.  But the sky is not falling.

However, it is looking lower than usual these days.

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