Catching up with U.S. Cellular Field; and by that I mean the alcohol


I’m not going to lie, some of these people are drunk // Jose M. Osorio, Chicago Tribune

Being someone who earlier wrote a 1,300-word post on alcohol sales at U.S. Cellular Field, I figured it necessary to provide some new notes on the topic after my first visit to the park on the season.

As Jim Margalus wisely pointed out to me, I had made my own bed by attending a half-price Monday, and witnessed more marijuana smuggling than is typical for the fan base.  However, I  was surprisingly mellow during the post-game period considering the awful plate of awful doused in awful sauce that Monday night’s contest wound up being…so I have that to be thankful for

I didn’t exactly exhaustively catalog the changes to the ballpark’s drink selection, as my sister was more focused on handling our business than wandering aimlessly.  Her determination sure paid off.  We alternated trips to the concession stand inning-to-inning, ducked the lines with regularity (there weren’t many), and made it through the whole night without running out of beer mid-inning or needing to rely on the beerman.  You could have compared the crispness of our rotations to the vaunted Bulls defense, but you’d be insulting us.

In the conference call with Brooks Boyer
last month, he touched on how the ‘Beers of the World’ stand would be
being replaced by a Craft Beer stand.  I’m going to go ahead and assume
the ‘Midwest Brews’ stand I found is what they decided to go with, and
if so, then really little has changed.

Now, ‘Beers of the World’ was always a misnomer anyway, because beyond Beck’s,
Guinness, and Corona, which don’t really strike most as being too exotic. 
We may be South Siders, but we’re not philistines. 

Midwest Brews is
more fitting given the substantial supply of Leinenkugel and Bell’s they
have, but I noted the addition of Great Lakes’ Dortmunder Gold, a pretty
darn delicious pale lager.  I think I spotted a Founder’s variation in
the top left corner of their makeshift fridge but can’t be sure.  I had
my mind made up on Dortmunder from the moment I saw it and the “Why the
hell is the guy who looks 17 in the beer line” anger in my server’s eyes
didn’t depreciate even after she glanced at my ID.  I got the hell out of there.

While there was no sea change provided the Midwest Brews stand, there
were some other noticeable tweaks in the outfield section.  Leinenkugel
Amber Ale used to be on tap in dead center field, but has been replaced (no!) by
Modelo Especial (oh!). 

In my never-ending quest to transpose the concept of ‘replacement-level’
onto everything, let’s say that Miller Lite and MGD are replacement
level–at least in terms of this stadium.  With that, let’s say Modelo
is a 3 WAR beer.  Unfortunately, Leine Amber was around a 3.5, and Negra
Modelo is a 4, but it might be a cold day in hell before they start
stocking random dark lagers.  Additionally, Sam Adams is now on tap on
the 3rd base line.  Hard to say this is new, but I don’t much care for
the Boston brew (1.5 WAR if we’re continuing this idea), so maybe I wasn’t paying attention.

Finally, in what I find to be a hilarious move, the White Sox have added
a New Amsterdam gin & lemonade stand near the left field foul poll.  I’m a regular
gin drinker, but it never occurred to me to bring that habit to the
ballpark, nor have I ever heard of New Amsterdam (apparently the line
was created in the last 3 years), but when that guy called out “I GOT
GIN & JUICE HERE”, man, that was tempting. 

If they get some tonic up there, then we might have something.

OH GOD MOST IMPORTANT NOTE!  No price-hike noticed anywhere.  Boosh!

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  • if you venture to the 500 level, you can get leine's mixes which are not too bad.

  • In reply to Cherann:

    Is that the Leine-stand that they had last year? I remember they had Honeyweiss, Red, Amber, and Summer Shandy...any new ones?

  • In reply to jfegan:

    Yeah. They've got most of the leine brews. I tried the black bear (4 parts of the dark lager and 1 part of the berry weis) and a pink lemonade (1/2 summer shandy 1/2 berry weis, which is the only way i can tolerate the summer shandy). you can also get them just as is, but there are around 6 different combos you can try.

  • In reply to Cherann:

    Nice, that sounds like an upgrade. My sister (who is my constant game-companion) is pretty anti-ever sitting in the upper deck again, but anything could happen.

  • In reply to Cherann:

    I'd heard that they have Dead Guy Ale by Rogue somewhere in the park now. If this is true, I'm going to be broke this summer.

  • In reply to UGod:

    The tone is set from up top, and ownership has decided this summer is about wildly exceeding our budget.

    That said, I haven't seen it yet, but will do the appropriate amount of flipping out if I do.

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