White Sox Season Preview 2011 - They should win

White Sox Season Preview 2011 - They should win

Well, as it should be made obvious by me leaving them to the end of my AL Central preview, I’m taking the White Sox for the divisional crown this season. 

Despite having an offense that had production at the DH slot that most teams wouldn’t appreciate from their catcher, the Sox finished 6th in the AL in wOBA and 7th in runs scored last season.  Middle of the pack, but alright.  Now they’ve upgraded that position tremendously with Adam Dunn, which at least should be enough to counteract some of the age-regression they’ll suffer. 

The starting rotation is as deep as any, and if Peavy comes back and pitches worth a damn, they’ll be the very deepest, as they were 2nd in the league in FIP and fWAR even when he missed half the season in 2010.  The Sox essentially swapped out Bobby Jenks for Chris Sale in the bullpen at the end of last year and did quite well, so you could reasonably view the pen changes as swapping Scott Linebrink out for Jesse Crain and…wow, that’s just so much better.

A.J. Pierzynski can’t throw out baserunners particularly well, and there ain’t a lick of speed up the right field line, but other than those crippling liabilities, it’s all reliable or even above-average defenders.  And there’s also Alexei Ramirez, who’s just way too great at the most important position on the diamond.

This is all a lot of generalizing, which is why I will be rolling out more detailed previews of the lineup, the rotation, the bullpen, and the defense.  Hopefully, I’ll have it done by Friday, because that’s a pretty hard deadline there.

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